Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting ready for a New Year....

(Photography - Gregory Colbet. Text (excerpts) 'The Principle of Emptiness' - Joseph Newton)

As I reflect on the year that was and prepare myself for the coming New Year - I pray that I will know what to hold onto and what to release; What to pass on and what to embrace.

May my heart be open to His word, His leadings, His will and His plan for my future.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas that was - pudding n all!

The girls and I started off the day by going to The Salvation Army for their Christmas service. The elderly gentleman who was at the door to welcome people took my hand and said, 'Oh , I didn't recognize you - all dressed up!!!!!." That really had me thinking - Do I usually rock up to church a little too casually? Fair enough, perhaps I don't put on the pearls, or the white gloves, or the fancy hat, court shoes etc etc etc - but I really thought I was neat and clean? Mmmmmm...

As the service progressed it suddenly dawned on me that the only two people in uniform were the officers. Everyone else was in civvies. That must have been what the old man was referring to - he didn't initially recognize me out of uniform. Bless him! (I don't wear uniform).

After a lovely service us girls went home to check on the progress of the turkey. Now remember, Son had informed us that we were going to have fish for Christmas. (I am no fish lover). I decided I would sneak a turkey into the oven (stand by - of course).

Mentally I went through a check list. Christmas tree up? Pressies all wrapped and under the tree? Check!
Table set?

Ok, I will confess that I had completely neglected to organize the table this year. Then I remembered the Christmas table cloth in the cupboard. I borrowed Ellisha's plates from her glory box (we only have 4 in the cupboard - and 6 people were eating). A few candles, last year's serviettes (also found in the drawer) and odd cutlery. Well, they all matched except for one set - I gave myself the blue handled knife from the picnic set. I rang up John and asked him to bring some glasses - he informed me he did not have any decent ones. 'Me either', I responded. Clearly this was going to be my problem - out came the plastic champagne glasses from our 'Mama Mia' evening.

Table set? Check!

Son had requested I make some of those custard horns - I used to make them all the time when he was little. Now, how did I used to make them?

I know, I know, the pastry is meant to be cool - not all stretchy. Still, where there is a will, there is a way - right? (I am a much better creator in my head than in actual reality).

Not a bad effort!

I know, I know, you are meant to wait for the custard to cool before you add the swirl of cream on top. (I was under time presuure!!!!)

Out of the freezer comes the zillion calorie Ice - cream cake that I had been creating all week.

What do you mean? That is a Christmas tree on top - with baubles - if you please. So, I need a few more lessons on my icing techique.

Like I said before - I create brilliantly in my head.
First layer - Oreo biscuits crushed - melted butter - chocolate topping.
Second later - Vanilla ice - cream with cadbury flakes mixed inside.
Third layer - whipped cream - oreo biscuits - whipped cream.
Fourth layer - Double chocolate Ice - cream.
Fifth layer - melted mars bars.
Sixth layer - vanilla ice - cream with crushed maltesers.
seventh layer - oreo biscuits - cream
last layer - double choc icecream with a thin layer of vanilla ice - cream.
and then of course the icing.

Armed with my new Christmas apron I reminded the kids that it was, after all, their idea to share the work load his year. Come on then - who wants to help?

"Look Mum - the fish!"

Well done son, I see you have added calamari - yummy! (The turkey is looking good folks).

"Love to help mum, but last week I made the gingerbread house - and I am exhausted!".

Well done, daughter - it looks magnificent!

"Jenna, the custard is finished!" Nice try!

Time to eat. The best part was they all went on automatic mode and put their hats on without my need to plead and coherse! Actually, the best part was John saying grace (it's been a long time since we prayed together).

After our meal (which was by some small miracle- delicious) we hit the Wii games. Notice the stance on Ellisha? She's the competetive one (not at all like her mother;)) Actually, John looks pretty determined himself!

The girls invited their friends for dessert. I made them have a little bit of everything. I had a small piece of the zillion calorie cake (looked ridiculous - but tasted GLORIOUS).

Time for a game of Taboo. Cross eyes (Rhiannan) was on my team - we lost!

It took us 10 attempts to get this photo. One day I might just post the others (perhaps not!).

David (son), Jenna (daughter), Ellisha (daughter) John (ex), Val (ex M.I.L) and me.

There is the sequel to the pudding story - but I'll leave that for another day.

P.S. I have to confess to eating too much - woke up next day with a food indulgence hangover.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my 100th post

This is my 100th post. I was wondering what I could write about. I thought of many, many things.

Then I realized I just wanted to say a great big thank you to my new friends in blog land.

You may never really know just how much you have blessed me.

Have a wonderful, glorious, peaceful, blessed Christmas.

Sorry, I tried and tried to get this ecard to fit on my page.

"May the blessing of the Lord be upon you." (Psalm 129.8)
"May you rejoice in the blessing of His love this Christmas and always."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Back on the road again

My friend Rose and I both agree that it is way too easy for both of us to get caught up in the stresses and pressures of the Pre - Christmas - shopping centre - commercialism supreme - "oh why isn't it snowing?" mania/ madness that bombards our senses every year..

My friend Rose and I are very similar in that we find ourselves being rather emotionally vulnerable at Christmas time. As hard as we try we usually end up 'disappointed'.

Rose and I have our own secret dreams / fantasies / visions of what Christmas ought to look like - but in essence we agree that it hardly ever turns out to be what we would hope it to be.

So, last year Rose and I decided to escape for a few days during the crazy days. Last year was a great success. We soaked in the beauty of our land and breathed in the goodness of God while many others where madly dashing around spending money they didn't need to. Purchasing 'goodies' they had no idea they really needed until they had them hurling through the pushy checkouts.

So successful was our Pre - Christmas madness diversion last year that we decided (on the spur of the moment) that we would do it again.

My friend Rose and I loaded up her van and hit the open road.

We decided on the Yorke Peninsula this time. Check out the view we had from the van.

If you were driving towards these magnificent clouds wouldn't you be in glorious anticipation? We were! Man those clouds were just AWESOME!!! This was going to be a great diversion.

Come on - admit it. That water looks inviting - right?

And not a manic shopping centre in sight - Blessings.

Tempting right? Unfortunately the tide was low (excuse number 1) so Rose and I decided to just reminisce about the days when nothing would have stopped us from running into that water.
Some of our excuses were
- age (55 and 59) - lot's of verty young swimmers were hanging about.
- not sure if knees would cope with the steps?
- What if we scare the other beach dwellers with our lumps and bumps (they don't sell neck to knees anymore;))
- excuses, escuses, excuses.

We sat and viewed the wonderful deserted beach and pondered the goodness of God.

As I was enjoying the view a thought came into my head. "What if this was Christmas day - right now - Christmas day. Would I feel blessed? Would I be disappointed in the day? The answer was simple. If it was Christmas day I would be so grateful for the peace and love and gratitude I was feeling as the warm breeze caressed my face; as the serenity of the water soothed my soul; as the friend sitting next to me embraced my reflectiveness. Sure, I would have like it more if my family were there to share the view, the blessings, the relaxed wonder of His goodness.

Christmas - does not need shopping centres. Christmas - does not need fancy wrapped presents. Christmas - does not need stress and disappointments. Christmas - does not even need snow, or lights, or decorations, or turkey or....

Please do not get me wrong. Christmas can be enhanced by all of the above. I think that is part of my vulverability at Christmas - the expectations. People can be blessed by all of the above. All of the above can draw people together.

Hold on - I don't think I am expressing myself very well here.

I guess I will just say that as I sat on that bench and looked at the glistening water and the crazy clouds I was so grateful that I was not getting stressed to the max in some shopping centre. I was having my soul restored.

The water was inviting.

Rose and I were directed by a bloke with a surf board (who was there one min and invisible the next- now I am not suggesting he was an angel - although ......) to a path that supposedly led to a 'beautiful' part of the beach.

Why not?

We followed the path. We climbed some sand dunes. We entered a secluded stretch of beach.

It was indeed beautiful.

It was indeed secluded.

Very secluded.

Rose looked at the water and then looked at me.

Could we?

Should we?

"But we don't have our bathers!" we both chorused (with a little giggle).

Like I said...

It was secluded.

Very secluded.

So, we stripped down to undies and ran (at superman speed) into the very cold, refreshing, revitalizing water.

We smiled at each other.

Lifted our hands to the sky.

Did a little joyful dance.

And then ran right back (at double super man speed) to our clothes.

Such a fantastic trip.

Thanks Rose.

Thanks God.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New chapter - day one

I am not one for finishing work and then relaxing and enjoying the freedom of not going to work. No siree. First day of the new chapter (loosely translated - first day as unemployed) I opened the carport doors - starred at the boxes and boxes and boxes of resources that I had lugged back from school (I so thought I had only taken the bare essentials - wrong!).

I shut the door - made my self a cuppa - drifted around blog land for awhile - and then, armed with a determination that could possibly bring about world peace, I re-opened the carport and got stuck into it.

One pile was for keeps (but needed to be re-organized into cute - color coded plastic containers.
One pile for the bin (I was ruthless).
One pile to give away to a homeschooling friend.
One pile for a friend whose grandchildren come up to stay and they love playing school (strange - I know).
One pile for the stuff that should go but, as yet, I can't let go!!!

Therapeutic - to say the least.

Then I went armed with my purse to the shopping centre and got the christmas pressies out the way. Must say - not only my presents for others - but also My present from daughter (love surprises) - daughters presents to sister and brother and dad and nanna etc etc etc. "Why not just give me your money and I will do it all next time?", I suggested. The look from daughter said it all (she's in complete denial;))

To finish off my first day of being unemployed I jumped on the scales - after several frothy coffees I was bracing myself for a gain.


11 kgs down. I do not think I will make it to my goal for Christmas - unless I can loose 3.7 kg in 10 days.

What am I talking about? Of course I can!

Must run, I have to get into day two of unemployement by killing myself (this will be the first run I have done in say - oohh - forever!)

Actually the last time I had to run was to catch the train (couldn't afford to miss it). The girls ran on ahead and delayed the train. I wheezed my way to the platform. I looked up as I stepped onto the train - and through blurry, star stuuded eyes I thought I saw tens of mobiles poised ready to dial 000 emergency. This time of course I am carrying less weight - but there is that tricky, damaged knee that can come in handy when I have to stop running for safety reasons.

Must toodles now.

Catch you all soon.

Get a blessing from God today - He's handing them out free.

Love ya all!

Friday, December 12, 2008

End of a chapter -

So, my time at this school has come to a close. It was a lovely last day. The students hugged me (even some of the 'toughies'). The staff where very encouraging and said some incredibly kind and uplifting words.

It is with a truly grateful heart that I close this chapter.

Here are some of the kind words put on cards for me (from staff and parents).

"Mary, You are a fantastic teacher and I thank you for enriching my child's life with your style of teaching. I wish you the very best. How lucky for the children you'll be teaching next year."

"Thank you so very much for being a wonderful teacher to my son - I love you for it. Thanks."

"Mary, I've really enjoyed working with you."

"Dear Mary, you are a card! I'll miss your sense of humor and that soup diet. Great concert item!"

"Thank you so very much. You did an incredible job."

"Keep smiling girl - like the angel you are."

"You have made a huge difference to a group of very needy kids. Thanks for caring!"

"Dear Mary, I can not thank you enough for the last two terms work. Thanks."

"Keep making a difference everywhere you go. Thanks!"

"May the future be full of wonderful surprises - you deserve it!"

And now let the poor say I am rich
let the weak say I am strong
for what the lord has done for me
Give thanks.

8 hours before I am unemployed.

Give thanks with a grateful heart.... ok!

I am thankful for the job I have had for the past 6 months.
I am thankful for the opportunity of investing a little bit of stability and care (and maybe the odd bit of knowledge - who knows) into the lives of my students.
I am thankful that ALL the year 7 students made it to graduation (close call there for a while).
I am thankful that we will finish the year off with a wonderful / fun day at the aquatics centre.

I am thankful that new opportunities WILL emerge for me next year (added a bit of positive thinking in as well).
I am thankful that leadership acknowledge my hard work and said they would highly recommend me - and would have me back if only the school wasn't down one class next year.
I am thankful that I will be finishing this job with the knowledge that I did my best.

I am not sure how to make this real yet... but

I am thankful that In in 8 hours I will be unemployed - In His hands.

In everything give thanks.

I will admit to feeling a little jittery - but then again - This time last year I was feeling devastated - So for that I am thankful.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas lights

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday the thunder storms, grey clouds, stillness. Today the sun is a blazing yellow. There is a yellow / orange -ish glow coming through my fly screen. The doors and windows are wide open (and it is only 6am). The little birds are cheeping away. I am breathing in this goodness.

And at the same time breathing in some calming peace. Today is graduation day for my students moving on to high school. My fellow yr 7 teacher is a control freak (and a bit of a bully) so I really don't know what is happening - except I am to be there and I am to read her mind and I am to somehow make sure my kids get to feel it is there graduation. No mean task - I can tekll you. It will be a long day. The graduation is in the evening - we stay all day and then all evening. Still, I will be thankful (it will become real soon) and I will take some of this morning glow into the rest of my day.

And then there is this clip from You tube. Hope you enjoy.

Getting in the swing of it from my computer chair ;)

It is raining outside

When I went to bed last night (slightly overdressed in my flanny Pj's) I had to kick the sheet off to get comfortable (a bit of a warm night).

Slept soundly.

Woke this morning with the covers tucked up near my chin and the rumbling sounds of distance thunder in my ears.

Unlike the last time I woke to the sounds of thunder - this time I was thrilled to bits.

How cosy.

Ok, the alarm interrupted my snuggle in to the doona moment.

But I ignored it!

The sky is grey. Not the tiniest bit of blue sky around. The rain is coming down. Certainly not in buckets - just that nice pitter patter kind.

The cup of tea is in hand and I am SO wanting to just sit here and take in this atmosphere.

Trust me - when you live in the driest State (as I do) then rain makes everything GLOW.

The bricks are redder. The grass suddenly gets a greenish colour. The earth smells like -ok, that part is not so pleasant!

Excuse me a minute - the rain is pelting at the moment - must go and take a look. Really this is an opportunity to give thanks - yes indeed.

I am grateful that the dark grey skies are comforting me and not stirring up darker moods.

The students will have to stay in the classroom today - rain - no play policy - crazy! Still, with only three days to go before Summer break - I am sure we will do just fine.

I am looking at the clock and I realize I had better get my skates on if I am to get dressed and be ready for school (in time).

Oh what a pity!

Just a few things of update.
1. I had my hair coloured yesterday - auburn/brown with caramel highlights.
2. I have 300g to go and I have lost 10kg.
3. Ellisha's basketball team won the grand final - and she got fairest and best from the association.
4. It has been confirmed - by son - that we are having fish for Christmas (I will cook a turkey as well).

Thinking of you all (well not all - but definitely my drop in people).

With 10 min to go (before I need to be in car)I have to iron jeans, dry hair, get lunch ready (soup) make bed, clean teeth - what the heck - I'll leave the dishes!!!!

That now makes 9 min so I must run.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

The pendulum affect

Ah, the pendulum affect - was in full force today.

On one swing you have the humble practice of gratitude. On the other swing you have an appalling display of the wobbles - which I will call - 'The complete lacking of any display of gratitude which results in potential high blood pressure syndrome'.

Today I was a pendulum!

I've considered revealing all. But I think I might just leave it with these clues (they are not excuses - honest!)

Worship at Church - swing.
Phone call from friend with a not so subtle backing down of enthusiasm for a movie date (which she requested) - swing.
Certificate of acknowledgment for an emergency services orientation course completed - swing.
Packed to the rafters shopping complex (no parking spaces) - swing.
Table offered to have lunch from family who saw I needed a seat - swing.
Arrogant sales assistant who overcharged and then had a 'whatever' attitude - swing.
Kris Kringle present successfully purchased (within budget) - swing.
Daughter with a bucket load of attitude (we were there for her, after all!!!) - swing.
Phone call from same friend with a renewed enthusiasm to meet for coffee / movie - swing.
Car blocking my driveway - swing.
Finished School reports - swing.

So far the pendulum is on a positive swing - so this is what I will give thanks for.

Being thankful and displaying gratitude is not a guarantee for a perfect day. Days will be filled with all sorts of challenges, frustrations, disappointments, stresses and packed shopping centres - filled with pushy, stressed out shoppers. However, I believe that the more I practice noticing and expressing thanks for the positive things in my life (be they big or small) then I will be in a better place to accept the disappointments.

After all - let's put those negative swings into perspective - hardly catastrophic right?

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them".
John. F. Kennedy

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The gratitude test

1= strongly disagree
2= disagree
3 = slightly disagree
4= neutral
5 = slightly agree
6= agree
7= strongly agree

These are the things which you are to grade -
- 1. I have so much in my life to be thankful for.
-2. If I had to list everything that I felt grateful for, it would be a very long list.
-3. When I look at the world, I can see so much I can be grateful for.
-4. I am grateful to a wide variety of people.
-5. As I get older I find myself more able to to appreciate the people. event, and situations that have been part of my life history.
-6. Very short amounts of time can go by before I feel grateful to something or someone.
-7. I practice saying Thank you to those who deserve to be thanked on a daily basis.

The higher your score - the more grateful you are.

My score was 33.

According to the scale, a score of 41 and above suggests you are intensely grateful. Under 27 may suggest you could probably use a bit of 'Thank You power' in your life.

I was able to identify the area that I can improve on. For me it was to practice displaying this gratitude and recognizing on a daily basis things I have opportunity to be grateful for. I also recognized that although I can make an intellectual list I need to allow The Spirit to move it from head to heart.

What I have decided to do (or been led to do) is take on the challenge given by Deborah Norville in her book, 'Thank You Power', and record daily at least three things that I could and should be grateful for.

Deborah asks that you record anything that uplifted you,, brought a smile to your face or put your own woes into perspective. She then asks that you write down why this was good for your life/ journey. Finally, make a note of who, if anyone, played a role in what you've recalled for the day and how that person impacted on your life.


- It forces your focus onto what went right today, versus the inevitable things that went wrong.
- It brings you into the present not the 'woulda' - 'coulda' - 'shoulda' - looking at life.
- It reminds you of the interconnectedness of life - we can sometimes go days with out human contact. We need to be reminded about how others have contributed to our lives.
- It enhances self-esteem. Good things happen to good people - therefore I am good because something good happened to me today to which I will show gratitude.

Your frame of mind when engaging in the practice is important. I do not want to practice gratitude in order to simply achieve the benefit. I want to practice gratitude because Scripture says 'In everything, give thanks'. God gave us a key to a fruitful life. It is time I started thoroughly practicing. Let's face it- too much naval gazing on the woes of your life can be damn right depressing.

Well, I am off to start my day now.

Gratitude 1: I am thankful for this opportunity to share my journey through blogging. I recognize that friends such as Linds, Judith Crystal, Julie (and others) are faithful and encouraging and make me feel valued. Thank You.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exciting times

Give Thanks

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks unto the Holy One
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son
Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks unto the Holy One
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son

And now let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich
Because of what the Lord has done for us"
And now let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich
Because of what the Lord has done for us"

Over the last few days these lyrics have nudged their way into my consciousness.

I find myself bursting forth in song.

Exciting times.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

concert review

Well the school concert came and the school concert went

and my students were


Me of little faith .......

Monday, December 1, 2008

A bit of this, that and the other!

Hi guys, thanks for dropping by.

Thought I might bring you up to speed with a few things that are happening my way at the moment.

1. The update on my weight loss is that I have SUCCESSFULLY shed 8 Kilograms so far. For those who work in pounds that would be approx 17.636 pounds. I am feeling good. My jeans which I bought and had to leave hanging in my wardrobe cause they had the potential of giving me a hernia if worn, now slip down a tad (belt time!). So, my plan to be back to the weight I was last Christmas is on schedule. 6 kilos to go - in four weeks - I can do it!!!!!

2. My eldest has just gotten her first car. It came her way by means of a very generous man who got it for his daughter. His daughter would not be seen dead driving it, so he offered it to Ellisha. What a blessing - well mostly anyway. Even though Ellisha has been driving my car for a year now it is kind of unnerving knowing she has her own. I mean I know my car. I know she knows that if she damaged my car I would not be happy. I know she knows that I want her to be safe first and foremost. I just hope that having her own car doesn't mean that she is never home now. Let's face it, when she was borrowing my car I knew she would only be out and about for a certain time. I know, I know, a little neurotic of me - still I am new at this letting go of the child/adult/child thing. (must say she is a responsible person - so I should not worry too much!!!)

3. I had a lovely time with God at Church on Sunday. I really felt His presence while singing His praises. Hallelujah.

4. My students have their end of year concert tomorrow. My son(David) and I have been teaching them the drums. I have hired a gorilla suit and one of the students is re-enacting the Cadbury commercial (In the air tonight). The other students are doing various percussion sets. Today was the dress rehearsal - they were shocking!!! No good denying it - they were SHOCKING. So, we went back to class and had a little discussion (kind way of saying - straight shooting talk). I reminded them that they were talented and that they had done a great job to learn the pieces and that they should feel proud of themselves and why not go out there and have a blast and..... So, we went and had another rehearsal. I rang David and asked him to come in to school (he was free so he did - bless him). The students rose to the occassion and were much MUCH better. It's up to them now. Tomorrow they need to BRING IT!!!!!

5. I have just finished writing the school reports - I am getting really good at creative comments.

6. Did I mention that I had a great time with God on sunday? I am fairly confident that some of you readers are doing some praying. And I thank you.

7. I am reading Max Lucado - 'Facing your Giants.' His focus is on the life of David as both a shepherd boy facing a giant and an adult - being a giant. I must admit to finding it a little tougher to get through than 'Traveling Light'. Discovering your Giants is clearly introspective and I think I have naval gazed a little too much lately.

8. I went to the doctors today to have my meds reviewed. My doctor was not there so I saw his replacement. He was Indian and I could not understand a word he said. I think he said my blood pressure was very good. Can I say he had a very interesting way of taking my BP. Seeing I have my own blood pressure monitor at home this was hardly a revelation. What I wanted to know was if I should reduce my meds - It was very high so they put me on triple meds and now it is low? My doc will be back in a week.

Well that is a bit of what is happening around here.

Did I mention I had a great time with God on sunday?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Retraction and disclosure

I made a post yesterday that was riddled with hurt and frustration and anger and bitterness and dare I say it 'poor me' attitudes. I removed the post not because I am wanting people to only see me in a positive way - but rather because I need to bring these things before God and allow His love and support to heal me. Depression is a strange force.

I do want the few readers I have to know that on the outside I appear just fine. I am strong, supportive, caring, amusing even. But right now (and for some time now) there has been a dark cloud over my spirit which tries to consume me.

I know I will rise above this and I know that God will be the one who raises me high above all this.

I miss the close relationship I once had with God. I am doing all I can (reading and praying) to restore my faith. I dare to reach out to His faithful people which is not easy for me as I do suffer from the crippling belief that I am only going to be rejected when they see me in my vulnerable state.

This post is not a pity party - it is (and I say it with all of my heart) and honest testimony to where I am.

I long for His presence to consume me so there is no room for my own inadequacies to make me stumble and fall out of His grace.

For those who read my post yesterday - please no that I am regretful for any offense I caused.

This is hard for me to do but I am asking you to pray me - for healing. My past hurts still fester within my heart and try to define me. Most of the time I am able to stay one step ahead of depression.

Depression - there I have said it.

We are all complex people.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just a little dizziness

Woke up this morning - nothing new or exciting about that seeing as I wake up almost every morning (can't remember the last time I woke and it was past noon). So, I woke up and felt just dandy. It would appear that I really don't require a lot of sleep. The night before I was chit chatting to a friend until - well let's say late - past midnight. I was having a great time - probably would have kept that lovely lady chatting for ever and ever had she not booted me off line.

But I digress! So, I chatted till late (midnight) then I did the dishes and then I went and had a little debate with Max and before you know it - it was 2am. Wide awake and feeling like I still had things I needed to get off my chest or heart I had a little informal share time with God. I say informal because I was struggling to stay completely focused on the topic/s. I am so grateful that God knows and speaks many languages - cause by the time I was done I was ranting complete gibberish.

So, about 3'ish I turned off the light, checked that the alarm was set for 6am, and immediately landed in snooze land.

Woke up this morning feeling just dandy. I even beat the alarm - true.

I rolled out of bed and started to make my way to the door. It was then that I realised something was not quite right. Firstly the door would not keep still. I walked straight into the edge of the bed and then jammed my shoulder on the door frame. It was as I was moving into the passageway I noticed our delusional cat doing that horrible regurgitation dance. I tried to bend down to scoop her up hoping to get her to the yard before the contents (hairball) was projected onto the floor. I swear I had her in my sights - but when I got to floor level I was out by a mile.

I have a complete new empathy for anyone who suffers from balance issues - or drunks even for that matter.

I could not wak a straight line. I tried talking myself into it but to no avail. The best I could manage was a pretty pathetic rendition of the vienna waltz as I swooped and swooned my way to the kitchen.

I managed to steady myself up and the dizziness passed. So, forgetting where I was up to in my morning routine I grabbed the clothes out of the machine (I had pre set it to wash during my sleep) and attempted to walk through the side door to the clothes line. I have the bruises to prove my pathetic attempts. One minute the door was there and so I proceeded to walk through it. Next thing you know it was a little to the left, then a little to the right.

I gave up and staggered to the kitchen, put the kettle on, and against better judegemnt, made myself a cup of tea (I wish I could describe adequately the whole pouring of boiling water into a cup that was on some sort of moving shelf).

So, with a lot of skill and a little paranoia (I was just beginning to feel a little apprehensive in case it was the old blood pressure) I sipped away at the cuppa. I plonked myself on the couch and waited for the waltz to conclude.

It was then, from my bedroom, (which was all the way back down the passageT that I heard the alarm go off. I am really proud of how I was able to negotiate my way around the precious cats deposit of fur ball (and various other contents).

By the time I got to my bedroom it made perfect sense to plonk back down on the bed.

The crazy sensation passed and I managed to get ready for school (on time).

I shared my wonderful experience with the principal - maybe hoping that she would say go home. Alas, all I got was her version of her own dizzy spell several years ago!!!!

What a morning!!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm well thanks

I raced home from work and dived onto the computer to check if anyone had been on my site. Unfortunately two people had. I say unfortunately because I was going to delete the stupid picture. Oh well!

Pleasant evening here in our home. Jenna just walked through the door - I am fairly sure she was cursing (maybe a swear word even passed her lips). She is not a happy camper!!!! What is she so cross about? Well, you see when we went to Sydney she passed me her PSP and it slipped through my hands and broke. She was not happy then, trust me. If that plane had windows that opened - I was a gonna!!! Anyway I rang the insurance and put in a claim. Took them for ever to get her a new one. However, she was a little happier because they gave her the upgraded version.

So, why the cussing and cursing now? Oops, she dropped the PSP!!!!! Meltdown. Where can I hide? Dare I ring the insurance again? I am nervous - I have this feeling I will utter the wrong words to my precious.

What? Could it be?

She is out of the room. Yes, she is Ok! All is well! The world can keep turning!!!

Oh thank you Lord - The Sony PSP is not broken.

Now as for the son. Well he bought a car. He bought a car in spite of both parents advising him to be cautious, careful, have it checked etc etc. He bought a car knowing best. It was a lemon!!! Seized up two days after. Took it back to previous owner (happens to own a wreckers - very sus!!!). Four weeks later after a whole lot of mucking around, lies, etc etc he got the car back (not before A Current Affairs rang them and suggested they were coming for a visit). Three weeks later car seized up again. Son would like to be rescued. Wants to float a loan to get the car fixed - STAT. Thing is he owes his father like $900 for the last fix. Whoa! I say. I think you need to take some responsibility here, son. Pay back your dad and then we will talk about another loan. Meantime catch a bus like thousands of other workers.

Am I his favorite mother right now? I think not!!!!!

Eldest daughter has got her self some work where her friends dad works. Deal breaker is she now has to sleep over at her friends every night cause she has no transport and she starts at 6am - the friend is also doing it. I am not happy (as it is) with all the time she spends there. "Well!" she whined, " if you loaned me some money to get a car I wouldn't need to be reliant on your car and its availability!". What?

Clearly they need to be reminded of the traumatic births each of them put me through :) That and the fact I am not a bleedin bank!!!!!

I'm well thanks!

Phew! Got back here before anyone came and read. I just wanted to be sure you understood that I love my kids very much. Excellent. I am very proud of them. Excellent. Oh yes, I also wanted you to know that their births were really, really traumatic!!! They owe me BIG time ;)

Well that's that then.

Felt a bit tired after work today so I am in my Pj's - must go and quickly drag in the bins - hoping neighbours are bust cooking their tea (It's ok Linds, I have fastened the waist band nice and tight).

Spot the differences!

Apart from the poor quality of the photo (Son has my camera and daughter - who I woke to take this - was not happy photographer) and besides the fact I could not afford to fly over to Sydney for the reenactment - can you spot the differences?

P.S I have truly woken up to the fact that this is not, nor ever was, nor ever will be a flattering top! Still, it's what I was wearing and so it will show the differences, right?

Hint: 7kg

Add on - Don't mean to be crude but my right bust is out of control. You can see it in the face - right?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A weekend getaway

I took off for a three day weekend break. I went armed with my laptop (I managed to reclaim it from son) in order to work through some end of year school reports. I also went armed with a bag of books (visions of comfortable chair, long, tall drink, Mama Mia CD?) and of course a new, but dear friend of mine (you may know him), Max Lucado.

My girls didn't really think I would do it. I am always saying I am taking off for the weekend - but never do. Responsibilities (let's not forget my girls are now 20 and 23!!), house chores ( do they ever really get to the end of the list?)., an invitation to have coffee (talk about timing????). Endless excuses. Not to mention that I like company - and I was going alone.

The girls went to Uni and work (respectively) and confidently chorused, ' See ya this arvo, mum ;)'.

No way! I got on the internet, booked a cabin at Goolwa (about a 2 hour drive) - close enough to get back should an emergency happen, but far enough away to make me stay when I got bored, through as much into the car as I could fit (including my portable TV/DVD and groovy camera and hit the road.

The drive down was pleasant enough. The cabin was okay! The tourist centre were very chatty (and helpful) and by 4 O'clock I was bored. I sat in front of the laptop and tried really hard to get motivated to write positive comments - failed! I grabbed a book and tried to read - failed! I went for a walk with my camera - failed! I had another cup of soup - I am so over this soup! I got on the mobile phone and checked in on the girls - they were fine. I rang a friend who lives an hour away from Goolwa. Bingo! She invited herself to come down Saturday for a couple of hours - (what a life saver - and how clever was I to sound like it was a lovely idea - if that is what she would like to do!!!!). God bless her.

Knowing that someone was on there way the next day I was able to surrender a little more into this self appointed retreat.

I had a little one on one with Max and then grabbed the camera again.

Ah, that's better - what a difference an attitude makes.

Each scene was whispering a new and refreshing message.

On Sunday I decided to book myself on a river cruise down the Coorong (part of the Murray River).

Oh My Lord! And I mean 'Oh My Lord' - glorious, so glorious. I took Max with me and finished the 'Traveling Light' book. I will be making my final post on what I have discovered soon. For now let me share with you the setting which allowed Max and God to do their stirring of my heart.