Tuesday, January 7, 2014

House for sale

I am a renter.

I would prefer not to be a renter.... But, that's life...and I am. Always have been.....

Probably always will be.


My landlord has decided to sell. This means that I am expected to have the house  spiffy. This means that I have to get out of holiday mode and into 'oh my goodness me, I think I should scrub the house from top to bottom while it's 38 degrees' mode. Anything to help landlord get a sale;) The thing is,  I am not really sure how looking through my dresser will clinch the deal for the buyer.  Excuse me but that is MY personal stuff :(

Europe news

Places I am definitely visiting in England are:
London - Buckingham palace ( I'm sure the minute dear Liz sees me hanging out the front she'll cooee me in for a cup of tea).
Bath - strip down and have he a nice soak in the tub.
Blackpool lights
Chester zoo
Across the Mersey
Birkenhead - arrowe  park
The lakes district.

And the weight?
Pleases me to say adios to another 1 kg.

That's 2 down, 23 to go :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Destination - Europe

January 1st 2014..

Hello. I'm back.

Filling in the missing years from this blog.... near on impossible! Mountain way too high....rivers way too deep etc etc etc...

1. My memory aint as good as it used to be.
2.Some things are best left in the past.

But probably most importantly -

3.This year is going to be all about 2014........The new me. The refreshed me. The unstoppable - I am going to Europe in September me.

First things first..
I am just going to put this out there.. no hesitation.. well not much :) It's a confession  - followed by a resolution proposal.

Confession -
I managed to put on so much weight last year that I am now the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life (including pregnancies).

Resolution proposal -
My aim is to lose 25 kilo's. You heard correctly - 25 massive kilos before I set foot on the plane to Europe.

What's my plan?
1. Eat less junk
2. Eat more healthy options
3. Get out the old bike, pump up the tyres, shoot up a quick  prayer and pedal off a few kilo's.

When I hit Europe I want to experience it to the max. I want to truly experience every inch of it without ringing up my insurance company beforehand to check that my premiums are up to date. I need to be healthy - or as healthy as this cranky 55 year old arthritic body can get. I plan to have a ball.

I started 3 days ago and am super excited to share that 1 nasty unwanted kilo has already gone.

24 to go.... I am pumped. I am motivated. I am hungry for a belly full of sugar.... STOP. note to self...

Dear Mary (my love),
Keep your eye on the prize. You are actually going to Europe. Tickets booked and paid for. You need ( my lovely) to lose some of this weight. You want to be healthy enough to enjoy this experience to the max. Get a grip NOW and have a piece of fruit.
love always

There... I'm back.

Just before I leave I just want to bring this blog up to date in regards to my family.. I am a granny. BEST gig ever

Till later... be good to yourself.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little backsliding in the embracing

Hi guys

I am still attempting to embrace.

I'm going to be honest, my embracing has lost a little bit of shine - and - if you look real close you can probably see a bit of a frown (just keeping it real ;)
when I put my little miseries, challenges, frustration or disappointments up alongside some real suffering  I realise that the best thing for me to do is get out of my little self absorbed pity party and get back to embracing the bounty of gifts - with passion.


Just before I do

can I just have a little, teeny weeny whinge?

Moved house (usual hard work) landed in a place that has neighbours from hell. Ok, that might be a bit harsh - but they have been  - hmmm - difficult. Two young (theatrical) lads who like to park themselves in the backyard (spitting distance from my bedroom window) and debrief, in what only can be described as - a LOUD fashion. They start at about 11.30pm and go inside sometime after 2am. EVERY NIGHT. Part of their nightly routine is training little puppy dog ' Ollie". "Well done baby. Do toilet for daddy. Good boy!!!!" (about 30 min worth of doggy praise).

Thanks guys - thanks for allowing me a little mo -

Off to bed to count my blessings.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Embracing all kinds of things

A word that won't leave me is....
So, I am going to embrace that word as the word to see me through this year.

I have recently embraced approx 17,000 bees that decided to make the rosebush, outside my bedroom window, their new home.

"Mum, there are some bees outside."
"MUM, there are quite a few bees outside!!!"
"What part of 'whatever' are you having trouble with?"
"The part that suggests there are LOTS and LOTS of bees outside!!!!!!!"
So, I went and had a look and this is what I found.

Take a closer look

After I both freaked out and apologized to Ellisha for my flippant response I decided to have a go at embracing the situation. Having never had to deal with such a thing before it took a little while to get the embracing part organized. Problem is, the council is flat out just killing them (problem solved as far as they are concerned) oblivious to the fact that the loss of our good bees is having a negative impact on our agriculture. I Googled and Googled and Googled, eventually stumbling on a phone number. Helga answered and after I explained to her the approx size of the nest, she says, 'I vill be there in vorty minutes. Dey must go. I vill be there in vorty minutes".

Helga was very impressive.
She assured me that she had collected about 16,000 along with Queenie. The remaining 1000 or so would fly away within the hour (fly away and die).
And they did!
Helga will quarantine the bees for 6 months - if there is no disease she will put them to work. If diseased the department of agriculture will destroy them.

Another thing I have embraced lately is  - bush fires.

South Australia and Victoria were on extreme bush fire alert last week. The temperatures were ridiculous. The land is dry and the trees are ready to burn.

I received a phone call putting me on standby (I am on the emergency relief team for the Salvos).
I had no sooner uttered the words, "I am bored" when the phone rang.
"Are you free? Pack an overnight bag, We are responding to a fire in the hills.Be at the warehouse in 20 min."
This was my very first call out. The fire had been burning for about 5 hours and the firefighters needed feeding and looking after.
That's my job -  to feed em.
Stopped feeding at 2am. Fire contained. Stood down.
And as I am embracing reality - I have even got a picture to share.

I am flat out embracing packing the house ready for the move. I am also trying really hard to embrace the uncertainty of work.  3 days before teachers go back and I have not had the phone call yet. I am tempted to feel all jittery and nervous. I choose not to embrace the negative. I am being looked after. I am in His care. He knows my needs. I am grateful for all I have.

After going to the doctors, I have been told (in no uncertain terms) that I need to embrace a low fat diet STAT! I have 22 kilos to lose (again - sigh).

Oh yes, and a bit of an update with the hormones. I am typically (for me) atypical in my pursuit of menopause. Out of the three major hormones they measure. I am peri in one. All finished and dusted on another. And flying high with the third. So, doc said I can pick and choose which status I would like to be.

I would like to thank Kym from Nanna's cottage for the Lemonade stand award. I would like to pass it on to any of my friends who would like this beautiful award. "It is to be awarded to bloggers that show great attitude and gratitude."

Well, must go. Lots to do.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Being Ok with less than perfect.

Once upon a time, quite some time ago, a wanna - be -quilter began a new adventure

I chose the colours with what can only be described as manic zeal.

and then rested.
Saint Linds prompted, prodded, tutored and threatened me until I had actually sewn the strips together.

 and that was as far as I got!

Just last week, as I was going through my 'stuff', I stumble upon my masterpiece.
What to do?
In the driveway was a trailer ready to take my unwanted 'stuff' to the rubbish tip.

Thinking I had Buckleys chance of actually finishing it - and considering the fact that I hadn't blogged for 6 months (and nobody would know) onto the 'out 'pile it went.

Guilt and a sense of unfinished business set in.
There was a lesson in this for me.
So, off to my friend Roses' place me and my unfinished quilt went.

It is timely for me to inform you that Rose has on her resumes, 'seamstress'. True to say that there have been many a time when Rose has rescued me (taken over) as I have remained tight lipped and allowed people to believe that I could actually sew.

Hold on!
That is not the exact truth. I suspect I can sew. But I don't get any joy from it and ultimately go for the give - in (sabotage) approach.
I really want to enjoy it.
I feel I should enjoy it.
But alas -
I don't!!!!!!

So, I am at Rose's place when she seeks reassurance that it is me not her about to sew. I assure her I am. My plan is to rip through it on the machine. What will be, will be. I am going to be ok with the outcome.

My plan is to embrace the obvious.
Embrace the faults in my quilt (add a few more even) and celebrate completion in spite of perfection.

And so - another drum roll please...........

The imperfect quilt.

and I am ok with that!

What next? - let me see!

 I just might try crocheting - only kidding Linds ;)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Long time - no post

I have some good news and some bad news.

First for the good news - Drum roll please......

Apparently - I am not - I repeat - am NOT going through the beastly 'menopause'.

(pause - allow time for the hip, hip hoorays)

And so - without further ado - I will launch straight into the bad news.........

If it wasn't menopause - then - boy, oh boy these past few months have been one hell of a good dress rehearsal.

It would appear that I have been part of a hormonal awakening.

You see, about 20 years ago, at a tender age of 32, it was necessary for me to have a hysterectomy. They left one badly damaged ovary (some small compensation. Year after year I had blood tests that came back with a diagnosis of Peri - menopausal. So, one just assumes that eventually you will actually reach the stage of being menopausal - right?

Nope. Not the case at all. I am up and riddled in hormones.

Rather than feeling relieved that I was not menopausal I was (and still am) rather peeved actually. I mean to say, honest to Betsy, the way I have been behaving fits quite nicely into some sort of menopausal madness. People have been excused of all sorts of random and hysterical behaviors under the banner of menopause.

Poor me - it would appear that all I can use in my defense is a large case of the 'dramatics'. That and boredom. And empty-ish nest carry on. Perhaps I could use, at a pinch, abundance of creativity?

Let me see now - What else has been going on in my 'non - menopausal' world?

1.Put on 13 kilos (post my fantabuloso effort of losing 16 kilos).

2. Challenged myself to a 30 day eating healthy program and lasted well over 12 hours (by the way, please hold your applause till all my bragging is done - ta).

3. The cranky knee has been doing alright lately P.T.L

4. My son decided to go to Canada to work. When he left (without the necessary amount of money) (I need to clarify that - without the necessary amount of HIS money)he was unsure for how long he would be away. He had a job lined up - cleaning Jacuzzis in some resort. Didn't work out. Became homeless for a minute or two. Landed on his feet. Hates the fact he uses all his 'talent' to work for a poultry $9 an hour (in Australia he would be paid $23 an hour). Feels cheated that he does not have enough time or money to hit those ski slopes as often as he thinks he should. Bless him. I really hope he learns what he needs to learn about life and himself and his walk before he actually spends all my hard earned money.

5. First born daughter has a boyfriend. They are talking serious. I am doing a Steve Martin.

6. Last born daughter got her drivers license. Has a bomb of a car. Enjoys the new found independence.

7.I am fairly confident that I have a teaching position for 2010. I am waiting on a phone call - but it looks promising. The class has a high intake of New Australians - predominantly from Sudan.

8. After enduring 3 months of house inspections (up to 3 a week) - we now have to find a new home as the owners decided (after assuring us they wanted us to stay as tenants) that they need the property for some family members who are in need. The rental market is low at moment. We went to look at one today - and all I can say is - pink is definitely NOT my colour ;) We did see one we liked and have put an application in. So, we will see. At this stage I am not panicking (curious, but true).

9. Next week it should have been be my 25th wedding anniversary. I need to come clean to those who may not actually have cottoned on to the fact that I am separated. My marriage ended nearly 4 years ago. I am needing final closure. When I was stomping through my 'non - menopausal' period, I seriously considered making my anniversary date my divorce application date. Always the need for dramatics - sigh!

10.It is Very, Very, Very HOT (41 plus)and I am very, very, very over it. It has been 3 days now, lol.

What else? Oh yes.

11. I finished the quilt. Now before you say,'well done! or bestow upon me congratulatory praises - I need to fess up to my shocking cheating methods.


I am extremely proud of, and somewhat in awe of, two of my corners. I didn't cry once. And do you know what? I can live with my pathetic-ness. I really can. (If I get any requests I will post a picture).

well, chow for now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

menopausal madness

So sorry for the slackness in my postings. I believe I have a reasonable excuse.

You see - I have been busy - in fact I have been busy, busy busy

with menopause.

Although it has not been confirmed with a blood test - I am fairly confident that I have IT.

If it turns out that I am mistaken - then I am in BIG BIG trouble.

I have checked the list of common symptoms and out of 33 I am confidently and outrageously experiencing 28 of them (possibly a few more but some things need to remain private ;))

  1. Hot flushes - occasionally
  2. Night Sweats - that's a negative
  3. Irregular periods - I am sure that if I still had my uterus my periods would be irregular ?
  4. Loss of Libido - ?
  5. Vaginal Dryness - private (surely)
  6. Mood swings - Now we are talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. Fatigue - yawn
  8. Hair Loss - by the handful (gone from greasy to DRY as) and it wont hold a colour - sigh
  9. Sleep disorder - goes without saying
  10. difficulty concentrating - what was that?
  11. Memory lapses - where was I?
  12. Dizziness - bolting up fast is a no no (apart from the knee forbidding such a crazy notion anyhow)
  13. Weight gain - why not? It can't all be about my undisciplined eating habits
  14. Incontinence - Please - me and my bladder are in need of counseling
  15. bloating - ankle bloating - does that count?
  16. Allergies - no more than usual (although the cat has really gotten under my nose lately)
  17. Brittle nails - yep
  18. change in odour - well people are keeping their distance - (I wonder if paranoia is on the list?)
  19. Irregular heartbeat - thump, thump thump
  20. Depression - thank God I am not going mad!
  21. Anxiety - a big YES
  22. Irritability - I said YES
  23. Panic disorder - help, yes
  24. Breast pain - rip them bras off in the evening
  25. Headaches - part shares in pharmaceutical company
  26. Joint pain - some days every single joint has a moan or two
  27. Burning tongue - other than burning my tongue on that scalding coffee - no
  28. Electric shocks - now you come to think of it - I believe so
  29. Digestive problems - heart burn counts - yes?
  30. Gum problems - no more than usual
  31. Muscle tension - as tempted as I am to blame meno - lack of exercise is the issue with this one
  32. Itchy skin - I look like a scaly snake
  33. Tingling extremities - thankfully no
The Sooky La La symptom is the one that is getting to me the most. Man, I am so hyper sensitive at the moment that even commercials are causing me to sob.

I have put my coffee in the fridge and carried th milk carton around with me.

The other day some students were playing a familiar tune on the piano - I recognised the tune and bragged that I could also play it - although my version was slightly different. Although I can not play the piano I agreed to give a performance cause I knew (in the recesses of my muffled brain) that I was (hold that thought) pretty impressive with this particular party pleaser. I went to the piano and, horror of all horrors, nothing. It was like I had never seen a piano before in my entire life. I got the first two notes out and then - blank! Of course I laughed it off and made a quick exit to the nearest toilet where I had a Sooky La La moment.

Anyhow, you know what they say - 'A problem shared is a problem....' Oh my goodness- what is the saying?