Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh my golly gosh.....cry me a river.

I went to the hairdressers knowing full well they had their work cut out for them. The lovely little girl asked me what colour I wanted. I informed her with a bit of a cheeky grin that I would rather like to have the colour she was crowning.

Off to work she went. Two bleach baths later...(I heard her say initially that the bleach would stay on for 5 min - huh! 40 min later she was saying things like, 'ooh, that is coming down nicely; just another 5 min or so!". I heard her say that many, many times and I could see the look of concern on that sweet little face of hers).

To her credit she did work on my hair for four hours - yep you heard right!

She even blow dried it for me. I had a little bounce and style for just a little while.

I lied when she asked me if I liked the colour. I tend to lie to hairdressers - go figure!!!!

She recommended that I come back in three weeks (I need that long for my hair to recover from all the stripping)so she could put some light brown highlights in. You know, to tone it down a little.

I can't wait 3 weeks.

No way Hosea!!!!!!

I kept going to the bathroom and taking a quick look in the mirror. Each time I went for the review I thought it was kinda growing on me. I even managed to convince myself that it wasn't too bad. After all if Deborah Harris can pull it off... well?

It really didn't help that I woke up this morning feeling like pooh. There are things going down in my little part of the kingdom which I feel powerless to control. Depressing the life out of me.I am becoming very cranky at the moment.

When I looked in the mirror this morning (hoping against all hope that it was a little less coppery blonde - miracles do still happen) the bejeebies were scared right out of me.

There will be no pictures. I wouldn't put you through it!

On another topic, there are not many photos of Queensland to show. I took the camera without the battery charger.

How quiet is it in bloggy land at the moment?

Where are all my friends. And why are some of you ignoring me?

See, I told you I was becoming cranky ( although some of you may think that 'becoming' is under playing it - clearly I have arrived... )

Still, you know what would cheer me up? A visit from my friends.

Come on over,,, Blondie will put the kettle on.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook #5

For Today.... 21st April, 2009

Outside My Window

Blue, blue skies, puffy white (dive into) clouds, lush rain forest, white sand, impressive surf, hunky surfers (perv alert!!!), boardwalks, outside showers, kids licking ice cream, tanned bikini-clad bodies (slightly depressing), soft air and ... paradise (literally).

I am thinking

How do you bottle this?

I am thankful that

I can function (reasonably well) on just a teeny weeny bit of sleep. I am thankful that I can love and feel and embrace beauty.

From the kitchen

Have you ever stayed in a backpacker’s hostel? Need I say more?

I am wearing

a very cute yellow polka dot bikini - what’s wrong with that?

Ok, I lied!!!!!

I am actually wearing neck to knees - I look stunning... really!

I am creating

Memories - lots and lots of them.

I am going

To weave in and out of all these simply fabulous art boutiques which are nestled in the quaint little townships surrounding Glass House Mountain (hold onto your wallet....)

I am reading

road maps, travel brochures, tour guides ...... price tags - how much?

I am hoping

that everyone is looking for a special moment and embracing it.

I am hearing

God’s whisper....... and it was good!

Around the house

Who knows?

I am sure there are dishes to be washed and floors to be swept, shelves to be dusted and ...

You know what?

Tomorrow will come quick enough.

One of my favourite things

Adventures with my skinny dipping friend.

A few plans for the rest of the week.

It will require a reality check but I guess I will need to mark and grade some projects, plan next terms program (outcomes), pay an enormous amount of money to a hairdresser so she can fix my attempt at permanent hair colouring and maybe, just maybe, I can squeeze in some coffee dates, a movie, a meal out and you never know, I might just do some exercise?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you -

For more fantastic entries go to The Simple Woman's Daybook

Monday, April 13, 2009

I remember..........

All I can say to those who came around to my place after the Sunday service is -

'Sorry, sorry, sorry x 100'


'Thanks for letting yourselves out so quietly!'

I remember the service (very nicely put together).
I remember singing - I would just like to thank my family and my friends and I would like to thank all the pharmaceutical companies that helped make this possible ;)

Back to my memories...

I remember having a quick coffee with a friend who had driven down for the service.
I remember walking through my front door.
I vaguely remember the Ex arriving and the son (who had told me he was working) arriving.

I think we gave out chocolate eggs ??????????????

I remember sitting on the couch.....................................

Then I woke up


the Ex had left

the son was about to be gone (I think I heard him chant, "thanks for lunch, mum!")

Not sure on that one!!!!!!!!!

Ellisha was on the laptop (chatting).

Jenna was packing.

I did what any fine host would do...

I zombie crawled my way into bed and tossed and turned for approx seven and a half hours.

Fell asleep just long enough to stumble/stagger/sleep walk out of bed at 4 am to drive Jenna to the airport (she's off to Melbourne for a week).

Ellisha arrived back from an all night movie marathon at 6am and immediately put this on her door.....

Cheeky blighter!!!!!

What the heck - I might just do the same........


Friday, April 10, 2009

Just a little cough and splutter in between notes

I woke up this morning feeling much, much better than I thought I would. I'll be honest and admit I did require a few pharmaceutical bits and pieces to camouflage some of the symptoms that were still present.

It was a beautiful service. The Officers (Salvo's) did a great job of creating a reflective and reverent place of worship.

My hands were a little shaky as I held on tight to the choral music. Part way through the service I could feel a cough coming on and was just about to clear the old passages when the choir stood up to sing. Ellisha misinterpreted my slight hesitation as a sign that I was going to pike out and literally pushed me forward (no time for that cough).

The song started. I sang. All was going well. Then that cough that had been ignored demanded a bit of attention.

Have you ever tried to release a subtle cough in between singing notes?

I thought I had an opportunity as the band swelled and so I took my eyes off the sheet music for just a sec. When I looked up it became rather clear to me that the rest of the choir had turned the page. I could not see the words I thought I was meant to be singing. Oh boy! Start lip synching ;)

I eventually caught up without causing a scene (I hope! ).

The end note was looming. I just knew I was not going to be able to give it all it deserved.

Hallelujah and thank You God for small mercies. I can say that I actually hit the right note and held it for about 6 counts - as for the last 12 counts - well - I held that look on my face as if sound was still coming out and snapped it shut when the conductor indicated. You should try it? It is quite a skill looking like you are pushing out a demanding top something or other when you are actually silent. The neck has to bulge and you have to have that agonized look on your face.

Well, according to my girls I definitely got the agonized look down pat.

Way too much fun.... and to think I get to sing two songs on Sunday (with the choir, of course!!!!!)

Many blessings to all.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What am I?

I have
tingling sinuses
rubber band grip on temples
sniff, snort and snotty sneezes
raised temperature
gulp, gulp (ouch) sore throat
am short tempered!

What am I?

Poor me........

I have found myself a cold.

Still, the show must go on....

I have purchased the black pants and black shoes (appropriate attire for the choir) and by Jingo even if I have to lip sync I will stand up tomorrow and be counted.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A little bit more of this, that and the other!

Thought I might just get myself a little cleaning partner...........

This little beauty is an impressive (and powerful) steam cleaner. The instructions (yes I have read them) do make some pretty wild claims. Apparently, IT cleans floor surfaces with the greatest of ease.

So, here's the problem - I have had it for a week now and it has pretty much stayed in the same position as seen in the photo.

It would appear that I have to actually direct it.

Damn and double damn!!!

I was so hoping IT would do all the cleaning.

I guess that aint gonna happen - sigh!

Two more days and I am on a two week break. I am off to Brisbane with my skinny dippin partner in crime. I am also hoping to hit the open road and take a drive up to Port Augusta to meet and have coffee with a fellow blogger (that's you Theressa) - me other good friend 'la homeschooler' is coming with me - watch out Portagutter - we party hard ;)

Oh yes, if you are wondering what to do on Good Friday and Easter Sunday why not pop in to my Church. Ladies and gentleman - I am gonna sing. Yep, you heard right ladies. I have temporarily joined the Salvo songters and I am giving the old vocal chords a work out.

Excited did you ask?


Hardly! I am certifiably terrified!!!!!!! You see, there's this really, really, REALLY high note. The thing is I used to love, I mean LOVE, hitting those top notes. However, (and here is the crux of my fear) them where the days my friends. I am not (I repeat) I am NOT super confident with this particular song. At this stage I kinda know when I am "supposed" to go for gold - but (and this is a big BUT); What if I soar to the heavenly rafters and it ends up as a terribly embarrassing solo? Watch the conductor, did I hear you advise? Well of course that would be just perfect if - I could actually see her. The stage lights - boy - them lights on stage are pretty darn bright! So, I am looking for the key of confidence! Oh yeah, perhaps a little dose of perspective wouldn't go astray. After all, it's not just about me, is it? (Please, no lectures in humility- just encouragement - Ta).

You all come back now.....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The promised ramble.

How impressive where you guys with your swift and encouraging comments? I am suitably impressed. I am super, super, super duper impressed with those who left multiples - why thank you, thank you very much!!!!! And the winner goes to Crystal - last one in but, by far, pretty darn impressive.

And as promised - let the random ramblings begin.

Now, just before Christmas 2008 I started a weight reduction diet. Lord only knows I needed to shift a fair few Kilo's.

Do you remember how I put up that 'way too embarrassing' photo of me - the one of me in that revolting red top? Well it sure was a motivator.

I lost 16 kilo's.

Thank you, thank you very much.

So, the update you ask?

Here is an ionsightful picture that might just give you a little hint...

Moderation - that's the key to success. Ladies and gentleman. Let me re-phrase that - Ladies and ladies I give you - THE healthy way to consume chocolate?

Alright, so I have been a bit naughty lately.

16 - 3 = 13.

That's still good, right?

Let's stay positive shall we?

Fruit anybody?

This was no help at all -

It took me close on 5 days to recover from pumping the thing up! You reward yourself for those sorts of challenges. Am I right or am I right?

Monday! I'm starting again on Monday.

C'mon, does it really matter which Monday?

Please, give me a break!

I have more ramblings. But it is late and I want to go to bed.

I'll post this and then come back tomorrow to ramble a little more.

See ya then.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Interviews are all but over. I think I still fall under the.....................................
'relatively sound mind' status......hmmmm!

Now, I know I have been a very boring blogger lately, but ...(here is where I am tempted to offer the rather lame excuses). No I am not going to..... I wont (even though I have been juggling MANY balls....) Exactly how disciplined am I being? I tell you what? Pretty darn disciplined - I think.

Still....... maybe a bit of encouragement/attention/adulation/pity/greeting/howdydoodarday shout outs.... (say 8 comments) would inspire me to randomly ramble on a bit.

A bit cheeky?
You betcha!


Thank you Therese (comments 1 - 3) for your prompt responses.
May I apologize for the terrible font and the odd grammatical blunder. I was trying to fix it up but the computer was giving me endless trouble... it looks great from my screen (in edit) but rather shabby on publish.. any ideas what I am doing wrong?