Friday, January 30, 2009

They offered me the contract

and I gratefully accepted.

I thank the lord.
I thank Sharon (the principal from my last school)who was in the right place at the right time and recommended me for this position. God orchestrated that one.
I thank the Principal from this school who worked really hard (and pulled a lot of strings) so that I could get that little name badge which identifies me as belonging.
I thank my blogger friends who encouraged me and prayed me through my many fears and doubts and apprehensions and 'wobbly faith' moments. I was a bit like - 'Lord, I believe; Help my unbelief!'.

I really do recognize and appreciate Gods hand in this new opportunity.

So, the class is mine for the whole year. Thirty students. Thirty wonderful opportunities.

And do you know what really blessed me? When I told the students on Thursday that I was staying as their teacher I saw a group of students look at each other,smile and then they mouthed the word - YES!

So, it has been a long, hot(every day was over 43 degrees C),exhausting (my classroom is upstairs and about 1000 Km's from the staff room and staff toilets - which I guess I didn't see much of - seeing as the students were not allowed outside to play and I only had 5 min to take a break - so I had to run - hence the exhaustion!), exciting, challenging - but - rewarding first week.

Oh boy, I have so much prep to do this weekend. Bring it on!!!!!

I'm so excited. Exhausted - but definitely - EXCITED and THANKFUL.

P.S. Please insert a smiley face here!

I tried but at the moment I can't upload any photos or images or use italics or bold - I just get a whole lot of letters and symbols. Grrrrrr!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sizzling summer

This is not a whine or a whinge or an ungrateful outburst. No way! Honest....

It could however be the ranting and ramblings of someone with heat-stroke - maybe, possible - more than likely!!!!!

So, today was rather hot. No doubt about it - most of us were holding back from darting around too much.

The school asserted some good sense by enforcing the hot weather policy and forbidding the students from leaving the classroom. This makes sense as the rooms are air - conditioned. My non - whinge is the fact that here in SA we (teachers) get the privilege of staying in with the students. No relief. No toilet breaks. No lunch. No siree - we take our duty of care seriously. Had to laugh really. The school value we are looking at this week is, 'getting along' - hmmmmmm!!!!!!

Practice what you preach sweetie. Practice what you preach!

So, I made it through the day and felt right proud of myself. No murders - not one.

I walked to the car knowing that it was going to be a tad hot. A tad? Blimey - it was stifling. My little fingers did a frantic dance trying to get a hold on the burning steering wheel. A little first aid on the blisters and off I went.

Actually, all things considered, I thought I was coping with the heat quite well. I was mentally ready for the predicted 44 degrees. And then the little man in my radio announced that it was currently 45.7 degress Celsius. Wait a minute - just checking the date. Nope - it's not April 1st.

Are you kidding me? 45.7 degrees - that's 114 degrees F. That's bloody hot (please excuse the good old Aussie slang).

Suddenly I am not doing quite as well as I thought. What a difference a bit of information can make.

What are we doing out in this temp? Why are people walking across the street? Why are those kids sitting at the bus stop?

Why aren't we all hiding in our fridges?

Problem solving skills - that's the answer.

A nice cool shower maybe? Oh dear - we are in the middle of a drought.
Crank up the air-conditioner perhaps? Oh no! The grids are over loaded and we are having a power rest(??????)
A cool beer - Don't drink.

What to do?

Then I remembered. A nice luke-warm cup of tea. That will do the trick. The un-scientific theory is that if you drink a lukewarm cup of tea it brings your internal temp to that of the outside and then you feel cooler. Well, that's the theory!

In all honesty, I am considering filling the hot water bottle with water and slipping it in the freezer.

I just went into my bedroom (has no cooling system) and according to my recipe book I could bake a cake in there. Well. I am not sure about the frozen water bottle but the sheets are definitely going to sit in the fridge for an hour or two. The idea is that you have a very quick cool shower, grab the sheets out of the fridge and then dive onto the bed with the sheets draped around you. Hopefully you fall asleep before they convert into a hot blanket.

What? You think I kid?

So, the weather lady just informed us that it is our hottest day in 70 years. Thanks honey - I feel so much better for knowing that.

What did she just say?

We can look forward to 6 more days of 40 degree plus days?

Excuse me Crystal - could you make up the spare bed cause I am thinking -35 degrees is sounding doable right now.

Mind you, those poor tennis champs had to play tough tennis at the Australian Open - 50 degrees on the court before they closed the roof. Now that puts my heat comfort into perspective - right?

Well,I gotta go - I am off to sit in the ice cube tray now.

P.S. Although this may have resembled a bit of a whine it wasn't - honest!

It may have been a little heat stroke rambling though.

And now - let's hear it for for the power of positive thinking....

I'm cool! I'm cool! I'm cool!

Actually, I'm way too hot to be cool - if you get my drift?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook #4

For Today.... 27th January, 2009

Outside My Window

Sun, sun, sun, sun - it is official we are having a heat wave (43 degrees C today) with no relief in site for the week. So, everything outside my window is looking a little frazzled.

I am thinking

What a wonderful invention the air - conditioner is!

I am thankful that

I went to school today and had a great time. It is looking like I might just get the contract. Thank you Lord.

From the kitchen

Marinated chicken thigh fillets, crispy tossed salad and Pepsi Max (what’s better my daughter cooked and prepared). Thanks Ellisha.

I am wearing

Five minutes ago I had Khaki three quarter pants and a bright pink and burnt orange top on - but right now? Sorry - can’t say (it’s hot in the house).

I am creating

Moving along nicely with my quilt. I am also creating some interesting and engaging lesson plans (well I like them ;))

I am going

To jump under the shower and cool off - very soon.

I am reading

Some journal entries from my new students - some of them are hilarious. For example, one student wrote, ‘I think this has been the best day of the school year so far!’ It made me laugh - as it was the first day of the school year. Not really sure what she meant by ‘think’?

I am hoping

That nobody (especially the very young or the very old) suffer too much with this extreme heat wave. Many oldies can not afford to pay the amenities bill so they don’t put on the cooling.

I am hearing

My two daughters chatting away to each other in heat stroke tones.

Around the house

Bodies lounging around on the sofa - looking COOL!!!!

One of my favourite things

My vote for today definitely goes to air conditioners (have I mentioned we are having a heat wave?)

A few plans for the rest of the week.

Lesson plans, staff meetings, quilting (perhaps), cool showers, netball trials and of course - a coffee date.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

From this

to this slightly over zealous bit of pruning (oh boy!)

Why not jump over to The Simple Woman's Daybook and read some more entries.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quilt update/Tagged

The Abstract Quilt

One of the most important quilting tips to remember is ..... to iron - and iron I did.

I confess straight up that there was plenty - I mean -like heaps - of this next activity going on.

But like I said in my 'Simple Woman' post - "If at first you don't succeed, - try - try - again".

And a special call goes out to Linds right now for her patient (mostly) and long suffering (always) encouragement. Cheers Linds - love ya.

This is where I am up to guys. What do you think? Funky heh?

Please remember this is my first (and possibly only) quilt so please don't take too much notice of the uno numero mistakes. I remember some one said that the Amish people left an imperfection on purpose because only God creates perfectly. I was going to scrap the whole thing until Ellisha suggested I stop all the fretting and fussing and just call it, 'Abstract quilting!' - works for me ;)

So, the next stage will commence real soon.

Ladies and Gentleman (drum roll please) may I present - THE SAFETY PINS.

Actually I can probably deal with the pins - but - and please don't think I am being disrespectful- but - I'll tell you what - I have been quietly praying for the rapture to come before I have to start the hand stitching.

Merrily I quilt away, quilt away, quilt away. Merrily I quilt away until the stitchings done.

Huge amounts of encouragement would be most appreciated (cheeky aren't I?)

I've been tagged by Crystal

The rules - Write 6 random things about myself, link the person who tagged you and post the rules. Tag six people and link them. Let them know they have been tagged.

1. When I was about 8yrs old my cousin threw a bat (during a game of rounders) and it landed on my head. I needed 24 stitches. The day the stitches were removed I climbed up a makeshift shelf in the kitchen (was told not to) and pulled the whole thing down (including plates etc) onto my head (I was stitched back up and then some). When my dad came home he thought my head was better and gave me a lovely pat on the head - ouch. Still have the scar to prove it!

2. Once, when I was about 10yrs old, our family went to the fabulous Butlins Holiday Camp. I was a huge success. I won the donkey race, the talent show and got then got so excited with my own successes I registered myself in the Junior Ballroom Dance Competition. The girls and boys looked lovely in their pretty ballroom gowns and tux's. As for me, I was wearing my one and only summer frock and plimsoles. I whipped around that room with my younger brother as if I was going to win that competition as well - I didn't - but I did get an honourable mention - for tenacity - and I was on the following years brochure.

3. I was so naughty (rebellious) in high school that I went from an A grade student to being put on probation in year 11 (4th year high back then). If it wasn't for the Principal who rather thought I was amusing I would have been kicked out long before. The dear old lady had a table just near hers with little jobs for me to do. So, when the teacher marched me out the classroom straight to the office - a daily event - I was very helpful. Ha! - and now I am a teacher. What goes round comes round - right?

4. I went on a holiday to The Northern Territory when I was a late teen. It was hot, so hot. I grabbed an airbed and ran into the water for a float and a paddle. After a little while I was nearly bumped off the airbed from underneath. I jokingly called out for one of the lads to stop being silly. From a distance he replied that he was no where near me. After some rather frantic yelling from the tour guide I came back in. It works out that the bump was from a crocodile. Completely missed the sign - 'Do not swim - Crocodile territory'.

5. I woke up one night and found myself sitting on my bed eating a chocolate cake - clearly I felt a little chocolate deprived.

6. I was at the concert where Cliff Richard told his fans (for the first time) that he had become a christian.

I would like to invite some friends to join in the fun.

Nana K (but I think you have already been tagged)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

an open door - an opportunity.

Late on Wednesday the phone rings (way past business hours) -
A Principal from a local school was wondering if I would be interested in a year 6/7 class.
Thank you Lord.
This Principal was at a district principles meeting when she discussed her class need with another Principal (who just happened to be the Principal from my last school) - who went ahead and highly recommended me.
Thank you Lord.
Politics was in full swing - would I still be interested if I had to start the year (come in first day ) as a temp and then hopefully have the position made into a contract?
Thank you Lord.
The Education dept was insisting she went through all the unplaced permanents first (even though there was not a suitable match) - so this may not materialize. Still interested?
Thank you Lord.
The Principal suggested I come in on Friday and set up the room (the students commence on Tuesday as it is a public Hol on Monday). She would ring me on Thursday arvo because the dept may have placed someone in the meantime.
Thank you Lord.

There was no jumping up and down with excitement. No running around like a mad person. No second guessing. No what- ifs? I would not allow myself to be anything accept quietly grateful for the offer, the opportunity - the possibility. I am in His hands. I am walking the road He has set for me. I am trusting that I will show grace and gratitude no matter what the outcome.

O Lord.... Please, please, please, please.

Thursday arrives and I have this huge, horrible headache. I sleep. I pop pills. I have the phone real close. I have no milk but dare not leave the house . My headache is taking its time to go. It is 4.45pm and the phone call has not come. What can this mean?

I do not panic. I do not fret. I do not get discouraged.

In everything give thanks.
Thank you Lord.

I decide to ring the school. I speak to the Principal who apologizes for forgetting to ring me back. 'It has been hectic', she says. I believe her.

So, I am going to the school on Friday noon. I will assume the position of classroom teacher and get some work organized. WE are going to assume that I will start on Tuesday. The Principal assures me that she will do everything in her power to convince the Dept that I am the best person for the position. No guarantees. No promises.

I'm ok with that.

Thank you Lord.

In everything give thanks.

Many thanks for those who have prayed for my position and encouraged me along this waiting game journey. I am truly grateful.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook #3

For Today....... January 20th, 2009

Outside My Window

I’ll just go and have a peek (the venetian blinds are closed to keep the heat out). Hmmmm - not a soul in sight (they must all be inside under the air-conditioner).

I am thinking

If at first you don’t succeed....try, try again. (I’m referring to my quilting here).


Happy Birthday son.

I am thankful that .

I have a place I call home and a family and I’ve had a meal and I have a bed to sleep on - and I know things are tough (and will get tougher) - but - He is in control - and compared to many - I am rich and truly blessed.

From the kitchen

I bought this slow cooker - and - well - I am cooking everything in it - I mean everything. Having too much fun with it.

I am wearing

Blue and white board shorts (very me ;)) and a singlet top (tuck shop arms and all - it’s hot-ok?)

I am creating

My first quilt - well at least I am giving it a go (learner plates on).

I am going

Out to tea to celebrate my son's 22nd birthday (today)


To the cinemas (sometime this week) to watch ‘Doubt’ (Meryl Streep).

I am reading

The Salvation Army Song Book - I had forgotten what beautiful words are written in some of these good old songs - what a blessing.

I am hoping

That my son finds a producer for his film - real soon.

I am hearing

A frog which has gotten itself parked in the drain across the street - the croak, croak, croaking sound is amplified x1 billion (his favourite croak time is 2 am- true).

Around the house

Where is everyone? A little too quiet - except for the frog and the rather annoying buzz, buzz buzzing sound of that mozzie - who really needs to move on or pay the price - I show no mercy.

One of my favourite things

Singing (or should I say belting it out) with Barbara Streisand. Having said that - she has been placed on the backseat while Meryl and I go our hardest with - ‘The winner takes it all’.

A few plans for the rest of the week

More quilting, movies, a few more nails in the wall to hang some picture frames recently acquired (very groovy), a visit with a friend or two and hopefully accepting a teaching contract (staying positive).

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

This is a picture of my son, David (during his 'cool' phase).

To take a peek at more Daybook entries why not pop over to our host Peggy's blog at
The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Maybe you would like to join in.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quilting dilema - make that dilemma's

To all you talented quilters out there - let me first say - sorry!

This (quilting) is NOT going to drive me nuts.

I simply refuse to allow it.

Having said that - I was hoping to be up to the hand stitching by now.

Am I ?


Not even close.

I am kind of stuck on the pattern.

First decision I had to make was to drop the loud orange / blue flowery pattern. Next came the plain blue (for obvious reasons). The rich orange was next to go.

Suddenly I am thinking it's just not as funky as I wanted.

Oh well!!!!!!!

I measured and I cut and then I started to arrange.
I re - arranged.
Then I re - arranged again, and again, and again.

Thought I had it.
What's the problem here?

Oh, I see. I am short of a row of green half squares - you see that - right?

It should be said that I did not discover this until after I had painstakingly packed the rows in(what I thought) an order that I would not forget.

I did forget - of course I forgot. But at least by having to re- arrange again (or should I say re-construct?) the next day I was able to see the GREEN problem.

Again I couldn't remember which way I stacked the rows!!!! So, re-constructing this masterpiece (trying to stay positive here) was another headache. A little too late I remembered Linds saying that I will need lots and lots of pins. On hindsight I guess this was the stage when the pins should have made an appearance - right?

Never mind. At least I solved the green problem (I swapped an orange in third row for green).

How about this for brilliance? Check out the labeling!

Oh no! Back to the drawing board. The pattern is still not right. Look! Go back to the second picture. What's wrong? The third row of green needs to be around the other way. Which means I have to change the first row - which will affect the second and fifth. You can't have first and third row going the same way and fifth the opposite. You just can't. Third row (the middle) need to be the odd one out.


I am having SO MUCH FUN.

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it....... I CAN DO IT (said the little train).

Back to the re-constructing.

I tell you - those written instructions better work (smile).

Apart from all that. What do you think so far?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stage 1 of my quilting & I have been tagged - yeah!

The quilting adventure begins

So, I have actually started my quilting - I know - go figure!

Firstly, I need to thank Linds for the fantastic tutorial. Secondly, I need to thank my daughter Jenna for not laughing too loudly as I armed myself with some pretty wild fabric selections. Who knew there were so many patterns and colors to choose from? I was exhausted after just one table.

My favourite colour is blue. My next favourite colour would be blue - followed closely by..... blue.

Look at thefabrics I chose and tell me what you notice.

Wild heh?

So not my normal pick. But I am so happy with these fabrics. They are funky and vibrant and any minute now I am going to figure out my next move.

Stay tuned my friends - you are not going to want to miss this adventure.

I've been tagged

Jules over at Juliemom has tagged me. Yeah, a tag! I am more than happy to respond. Thanks Jules.

Here are the rules: (NO cheating!!)

1. Under your pictures - go to the fourth folder down.
2. Find the fourth picture-no exceptions!
3. Post it- and tell about it.
4. Tag four more people.

This was a bit tricky cause I haven't got all my pictures in any particular folder. So, what I did (to try and keep it as authentic as possible) was I went to my blogging folder and chose the fourth row and the fourth picture in that row.

This is a picture of my son David on his father's shoulders.

I was not the least bit surprised when this picture came up,. It so happens that I have been thinking of this picture lately - it creates a wonderful image for me as I reflect on that beautiful stirring song (which has been on my mind again(a lot) lately) -

You Lift Me Up

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up… To more than I can be.

There is no life – no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up… To more than I can be.

And now I would like to invite anyone else who would like to share their photo to join in the fun (I know that it says to tag 4 other people - but I kind of get about that many friends pop over - so, if you are reading this - you are tagged - please feel free to join in).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My talents astound me!

There are a quite a few things I can do really well. There are a quite a few things that I can do reasonably well and then there are quite a few more things that - to be honest - I could certainly improve on.

What this? You don't believe me? You want proof?


Let's take my recent attempt at making Yorkshire pudding for the first time.

Perfect, right? Hmmmmm!

And then there is my rather pathetic attempt at Scrapbooking.

This little masterpiece took me forever. I really thought (at the time) that I was onto something magical. These photos are from a road trip I took down the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne. I was especially proud of the little pop-up title I made.

I could show you my dress making skills or my curtain making skills - and you've already seen the magnificent Christmas Ice-Cream cake fiasco - but - that's all in the past.

I have decided that 2009 is going to be the year that I master two things that I have done poorly at in previous efforts - and one of them is not Yorkshire Pud's.

Scrapbooking and quilting are my chosen projects. I have actually tried quilting once before - but this lovely old lady who ran the sessions suggested I try Batiking.

This time however I've got my friend (Le skinny dipper / Le bike rider) on board.

There is no stopping us.

Stay tuned friends - a miracle or two is on its way.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Simple Woman's daybook #2

For Today....... January 12th,2009

Outside My Window . . I see the ants marching in what can only be described as a precise and determined manner as they try and get inside my home to (I assume) enjoy the air-conditioner (36 degrees Celsius outside)

I am thinking . . . summer heat may be late - but - it is on its way with a vengeance.

I am thankful that . . . . the air conditioner got fixed, my electricity bill from last quarter is paid and my recent bike riding adventure did not leave me crippled. Oh yes, and that my friend Linds is SO going to get some good news from the medics in Bath.

From the kitchen interesting soup I am making using left over veggies (carrots, zucchini, onion, broad beans, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, leek, squash and - lean bacon bits?

I am wearing . . . Knee length shorts and cotton top (with sleeves cut off) that are for indoor wear only - trust me!

I am creating . . . lots and lots of photo frames to fill my bare walls (hallway)

I am going.... to dive into the fridge any minute now and grab an icy- cold glass of Pepsi Max.

I am reading . . . ‘In the Grip of Grace’, by Max Lucado.

I am hoping . . . that the phone rings in the next week or two with a teaching contract for 2009.

I am hearing . . . Sundays message replaying in my head (based on Romans 11:36 & 12:1) “What do we place in the position of glory - what do you give glory to - what do you make sacrifices for?”

Around the house . . . youngest daughter and friend have bunked down under the air conditioner and our watching a chick flick. Son who popped in to use the computer has just left for work. The cat has sneaked into my room and is leaving her hair all over my bed (I’m allergic) and I

One of my favourite things . . . . That first night you get to pull up the covers in bed after a long spell of tossing and turning with the heat - unbelievably good!

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . continue decorating my lounge room and dining room with what ever takes my fancy, scrapbooking (that’s right Crystal, I’m getting all crafty minded), sorting out ‘Twitter’, doctors appointment, coffee with friends (if you’re free - give me a call).

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you -

I took a drive to Whyalla and found this pretty little beach cove. In amongst the rocks we found this Port Jackson shark Egg. Here in SA we have had two shark attacks this week - they are coming in very close to the ares that people swim.

P.S I have tasted the soup - delicious!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Le bike ride

The BIG event that I was (some what) excited about and also (some what) dreading finally arrived. The alarm had been set for the the early get away. Backpack - check. Camera - check. Water bottle - Check. Sunscreen - Check. Crossword puzzle and pen - check (well you never know?). I was ready. So off I toodles to the station to catch the train into the city where I would meet my fellow bike rider, Rose (otherwise known as Le skinny dipper).

Don't you just love train rides? So many interesting people traveling about. This trip did not disappoint. I have a story and it goes something like this......

First, I must confess to leaving the house a little later than I planned. I only allowed myself 4 min to get to the station (the station is a 3 min ride away from my home- so long as there are no Sunday drivers around). As it turns out there weren't and so I just got onto the platform when the train arrived. I was a bit breathy, I admit. Unfortunately, I did not have a ticket. So I had to feed this machine with all this loose change I had grabbed from the piggy bank (as I was dashing out the house). I was really hoping I had pinched enough. A funny thing happened )an understatement). When I put the last coin into the slot it came whooshing out from the return slot. I mean it was like a missile. The coin starts making its way down the aisle. I had no choice but to chase it down..... you are really going to have to visualize the rest ... not necessarily a pretty sight.

With ticket in hand I wobble down the aisle to find a seat. The only one available was across from this little old lady who was smiling away at me like I was either her long lost child or she thought I was nuts. The train ride took about 30 min and this lady talks and smiles to me for all of them. I listened and hoped that I was nodding and smiling back in the right places (her English was broken and it was a noisy train). Anyhow, when we got into the city station she smiles at me one last time and says, 'You are a good person. You spoke to me. You listened to me - other people they turn from me. You are good - cause you smile."

I'm telling you - I could have floated all the way to the place Rose and I agreed to meet. What a blessing.

So, it was time for the ride. But first things first. Priorities, right?

Paper - Check. Sunscreen - Check. Methyl Silicate (for the knee) - check. Support bandage (also for the knee) - check. Water - check. Mobile phone - check and Coffee - double check!

It took us forever to choose just the right bike (we hired them). Thumbs up Rose - we are ready to hit the path my dear. Pedal away!!!

Before you look at the next picture you just have to take my word for it that Rose and I did actually do some riding before we had this rest (we must have been riding for at least 30 min...). Also, remember that Rose had not been on a bike for 28 years and I have a bad knee - ok? Actually, we were cool riders - honest. I did promise Rose that I would not take a photo of her mounted on the bike. But if you want to visualize us pedaling - think - Armstrong ;)

So, we rested and enjoyed the view. I adamantly reassured Rose I knew where we were going.

On behalf of my own defense I just want you to know that Linear Park has a very complex and vast bike / walking trails. Anyone can take the wrong fork in the path! Besides, we were riding mountain bikes ;). And, if you look at the picture, my bike is already up the top and I am taking the picture - a born leader - that's me!

Two hours of riding later ... that's rose

and that's me.. flat on my back.....

Two hours down - and now we have to ride back - yippee!!

And just in case you were wondering what heaven really looks like,- hmmm - I have a picture for you - (in the far distance is the place we started - the bike rental man).

We gave the bikes back and managed to walk like two crippled geriatrics up this incline of a road to the Mall for a spot of retail therapy. On the way up I was brave enough to ask Rose what was next on our list of adventures - bring it on!!!!!

And now it is 7 hours post dismount and every muscle has seized up. I am feeling it!!!!! I am feeling it in places long , long, long ago forgotten!!!!!! To think - tomorrow I rise at the crack of dawn and get into the little lawn mower excuse of a car and drive 5 hours up to Whyalla to bring Jenna home (I'll be gone 2 days). Bring it on!!!!!!

Oh no, as I have been making this post I have just realized (remembered actually) that we have a cat. I have forgotten to make any arrangements for the cat. Oh pooh - oh bother!

Good night dear friends. I'll deal with that in morning (just before sun comes up).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

An unfortunate event

A rather funny, unfortunate, slightly embarrassing thing happened to me yesterday. And it goes something like this... (I'll give you the full Monty).

I was a little bored (as I thought I might be) so I decided I might just go to the shops after all and spend some of my depleted money store. I had a lovely time buying this and that - which I was hoping would all make sense sooner or later. The items were mainly knick knacks for around the house - I am going through a phase - don't ask!. Inside my trolley (besides the little knick knacks) was a canvas painting I had picked up for a song and a dance - thing was, it was a little too big to sit square in the trolley, so I needed to keep a hand on it - just to keep it from banging up against the sides - damage control, you understand. Shopping done, I grabbed a coffee to go and pushed the trolley outside - now you have to understand that the trolley would not steer straight to begin with...... I had one hand on the picture frame and I was holding a cup of hot coffee - and I had to get the trolley down a slope... see my problem? Nah! That part was not embarrassing, or unfortunate - but it was a little funny. The unfortunate and embarrassing part comes next.

So, there I was, for all intents and purposes, looking like I was managing to maneuver my way back to the car when two, no make that three, things happened.

First my shorts start slipping down at an alarmingly fast rate. Next, my bladder decided then and there it was carrying its own heavy load and - well .... (Let's just say I started looking like Bambi on ice without the ice). Did I let go of the coffee cup to give myself a free hand? No way! My best plan, so I thought, was to somehow jiggle my way to my car as fast and un-embarrassingly as I could ever hope for (under these particular circumstances). I darted here, I darted there. I looked and looked and looked for my car. I was getting desperate - the old bladder was about to erupt. (Being a modest person n all I had managed to hitch my shorts back to a semi-respectable position. I use the word semi, reluctantly). I hope you understand that I am talking FULL bladder here!

Where, oh where was my car?

By now I am desperate.... desperate.

Have you figured it out yet (based on my last post)?

You got it! My car was in Whyalla (many km's away). I had Christan's lawn mower!!!!!

The story has a reasonable ending - accept - that one minute before I left the shopping complex I bumped into a student from last year - I just hope they went back to their own business.

I found the car, eventually remembered how to unlock it, unloaded the trolley, got in car and drove away - all without having to put my coffee cup down.

Now, how I got into the house and to the loo before peeing my pants is a another story.

I lead a charmed life.

Oh yes, as a slight justification on the shorts dropping part - I have lost another Kilo (I know - amazing - I so thought I had put on - cause I have been naughty). 12 kilo down - 12 to go. You go girl!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Simple Woman & On the near horizon

For today... January 6th 2009 - My first entry

Outside My Window . . . parched grass, blue skies and some washing that needs to be brought in before it crisps.

I am thinking . . . a million thoughts at the moment - none of which will settle to be a priority - sigh.

I am thankful that . . . My girls have just rung to say they arrived safely in Whyalla. and my electricity bill was not heart attack material.

From the kitchen . . . a few dishes to put away and a frozen Pepsi Max bottle which I accidentally left in the freezer.

I am wearing . . . three quarter denim shorts, a white cheese cloth top and a hippy bracelet I bough from the surf shop.

I am reading . . . ‘No Dark Valley, by Jamie Langston Turner.

I am hoping . . . that I do not get too bored while the girls are away and that I do not hit the naughty foods for comfort.

I am hearing . . . The sounds of silence - it is really quiet her at the moment.

I am creating . . . bad news really - nothing - double sigh. Hold on , I am creating some ideas?

Around the house . . . Cat strolling around looking as bored as me. oh yes and the floors are screaming out for a mop.

One of my favourite things . . . . coffee and chats with friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . Get some photos printed and mounted in my new wall photo frame, a bike ride, go see the movie -‘7 Pound’s, more blogging and hopefully another coffee date.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you -

This was an advertisement for our Post service. I just love the concept of being wrapped in warmth and welcome from personal words others have written.

Be sure to visit The Simple Woman to read more and join in the fun.

P.S. This is my first entry in 'The Simple Woman' and I am really hoping that it will encourage my mind to slow down and appreciate the simple things that are going on around you.


At 10.00 O'clock today I am meeting my new minister for a coffee at a lovely little cafe on the lake. Thing is - I am a little curious as to how it will go. What will the topics of conversation be? How will I respond? Will it be social talk or spiritual talk. If it is social - then what will the topics be? If it is spiritual - then what do I want to reveal. What's that I almost hear you say? You are thinking that I am making a mountain out of a little old coffee date with one of the Officers (the wife - who - in the Salvation Army is rightfully an ordained minster too). Well, maybe I am. Thing is I used to be an Officer. There is a lot wrapped up in this coffee date. Will I be returning to the Salvo's as a signed in soldier? Will I be joining the ranks once again? Do I want to? Do I know what I want yet? Will I make a decision today based on having coffee? Will that even come up? Do I want it to come up? Oh ye of little faith! Yep, that is the mountain in disguise that stands before me. Fear not! By the time I get to the cafe I will be fully in control of my rambling mind and I will breathe in the air and watch the pelicans and ducks perched on the lake and I will have a coffee and I will let the coffee date be just what it is. God willing.


So, I am back from the 4 hour coffee chat. I looked at that mountain and then I started talking and talking and then some (Wendy managed to talk also). A lot came up. I shared a lot (as did she). I walked home after feeling - spent - and had these uncontrollable thoughts of winding back time and starting the coffee all over - Oh, I think I may have shared a little too much! Why do I have to have everything flip to complicated? I am so over complicated!!!! And why am I telling you all this? Glory only knows? Sigh.

By the time I return from the lake my house (sorry, home) will be empty. The girls are off to Whyalla (about 450 km's away). Ellisha is doing a summer Uni course and Jenna and two friends (from Christmas dessert) are going along for the trip. Ellisha will be away for two weeks. I am driving up on the weekend to bring Jenna and Rhiannan back. Ellisha is driving my car (more room - way more comfortable) and I will have the pleasure of driving Christan's lawn mower. Thing is, I will miss them. I do not do alone very well. So, please come and visit me.

Later today I am catching up with John and son David to hand over the money for sons car. And that will pretty much clear out my savings. We will talk strict repayment terms. I just love the whole concept of grown up children living independently - if some-one could explain the rules I would be forever indebted ;)

I need to get back to some sensible eating habits - i fear I may have put on a kilo or two of the weight I lost. Which reminds me. On Friday my friend Rose (Le Skinny dipper) and I are hiring bikes and going for a half day ride around the Torrens River. Thing is, Rose has not ridden a bike in like 20 years and I am just going to flat out refuse to let my knee dictate what I can and can not do. I am a bike rider - here me roar (or cry in pain afterwards ;)).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

a little of this and a little of that - 100% random!

I have been waiting for a brilliant idea to come to me so I could make a post. Meantime, I realized that the hours where turning into days and the days would soon be weeks and before you know it I would be old and grey and still waiting. I decided that I would just start. Give you some of my randomness.

So, in no particular order (Mmmm ) - that was my first bit of random - smile.

Actually, the grey has already arrived - Mmmm! I had better get a move on.

New Years eve (sorry - no photos). It went something like this........

My girls were going to have a night home with a few friends and they graciously invited me to hang around, if I so desired (which could easily be interpreted in a million different ways - right?). Thing is, I am not (nor have been for awhile) that much into the actual N.Y.E clock watching ritual. Let me explain - one year my (then) husband, who usually went to bed at 9.30pm on the dot, decided to stay up and see the N.Y in. Unfortunately, he got very tired and went to bed at about 11.30pm. Of course I followed and resigned myself to the fact that N.Y.E was way over rated. At about 11.55pm hubby switches off the light and took on his 'sleeping position'. I was a little amused (at the time) and thought perhaps he was going to spring up at the stroke of midnight and surprise me. He didn't . He actually just pretended to be asleep and I lay awake for hours re-assessing the whole N.Y.E hype. So the result of that event now means it seems prudent that I keep my options open. So, back to 2008! My friend, who lives up in the hills, suggested I come up to her place and see in the new year with her. I said, ' maybe!'. She texts me again at about 8.30pm and says, "come on up! Don't let this be another non-event N.Y.E!" (you should know, this is my skinny dipping partner we're talking of here!). So, I allowed myself to be persuaded and off I went (an hour drive). When I arrived her hubby (who has dementia and post stroke) was cuddled up on the lounge. Friend sits and starts grooming her dogs. I settled into my non - event N.Y.E prevention mode. Friend puts on a DVD - which was absolutely awful. I was screaming on the inside to switch it off - no deal. Her husband was now nodding off and the dogs were almost groomed to 'show' standard. Meantime their big, fat (ugly) cat had taken a shine to me and had parked itself on my lap. N.B. I am not a real cat lover - especially the fat, ugly, malting kind. Movie finishes and it is now 11.30pm. I am wondering what comes next? I go to the loo (toilet) at about 11.40pm and when I return husband is snoring and friend has disappeared. After searching high and low I find friend outside crushing snails- which are eating her plants. I can work with this!!! We star gaze for a couple of minutes - until the clouds rolling at about 1000km's per hour cover the sky and not a star can be seen. Friend goes inside and then pops her head out to let me know that she is putting hubby to bed. It is now 11.55pm mind you! I have a little laugh (I can see a pattern in this.) I grab an outside chair and plonk myself under her apple tree and have my own little countdown. Midnight comes and midnight goes. At about 12.03 am friend rushes out doing a little countdown thing - 5,4,3,2,1. Ok, I'll play along. She hands me a party popper and joyfully pops hers. Mine? Well, the string comes away - no pop! H.N.Y!!!! We went and watched another DVD. Went to bed at about 2.30 ish. I remained wide awake. Have you ever had a bout of insomnia when you are in someone else's home - and you don't know how to operate their telly? Must have been all the excitement.

I really do not want to sound like I am whining about my N.Y.E. Far from it. Oh, for sure, I considered feeling peeved, or disappointed, or somewhat confused over the 'Let's not make this a non - event N.Y.E' theory - but actually, I ended up choosing to see it for exactly what it was. An evening spent with a friend I love and value, a cat I am learning to embrace and a pop less popper. Perfect real life memory making stuff, right?.

Which brings me to my next random.

I think my word for 2009 is going to be 'choice'. I think I am going to find myself looking fair and square in the eyes of the 'you have a choice', philosophy. I can choose to be sad, to be mad, to be angry, to be depressed, to be disloyal, to be stubborn, to be loved, to be valued, to be informed, to be free, to be accepting of my faults and those of others. I can choose my responses, if nothing else!

The day after New years day was a bit of a downer. I was feeling a bit flat and a bit sorry for myself. I had a touch of the blues. Clearly my new word had not fully sunk into this thick skull of mine. Anyhow, there I was having a bad norning. (This next bit is so random - so beautifully random). The phone rings. Oh me, Oh my... It is a blogger friend - she is on the phone - talking - SURREAL!!!!! I am fairly sure that I portrayed myself as some blubbering idiot. I was kind of in shock (that's my defense). My friend sounded so....royal like.. beautiful.... soft (it should be said that she has shouted at me on line a few times (in love of course..) But after hearing her voice, I just can't imagine her shouting - EVER!!!. I don't mean to harp on and on about this (although it is a lot shorter randomness than my last random) - but I was like this little kid - I actually had a litle dance around the kitchen. What a lovely thing to do - to ring me. Very surreal. After we had hung up I asked my girls if I had sounded a little weird? Affirmative! No kidding, it was such a blessing.

What else?

Today my friend (Le skinny dipper) and my friend (Le home schooler) came over with their kids and grand kids (along with skinny dippers husband and son in law) and we had a bit of a craftmaking / art /computer games/movie/lunch/social play / date. We had arranged to start at 10.30 am. Which would have really worked out fine if I had not woken at 9.30? I never sleep in. Never - ever. I raced around like a mad man (which gets pretty close to the bone). I didn't get around to vacuuming the carpet in the lounge - can you believe it? That my friends is not how I usually prepare for guests ( have I mentioned that I am a bit of a 'let's clean the house before the cleaner arrives' kind of girl?) I am MUCH better than I used to be!!!!! Still, they arrived and we did what we did and I think everyone got something positive out of it. I know I did. Thanks guys!

Because of the yummy lunch my girls thought we all needed a little exercise. It was time to walk around the lake. All I have to do is walk out my front door and you can see the lake (it's just to the right of that white building).

About 20 steps . Well done, Mary! At this pace you will be fitter, stronger, leaner in no time at all!

The girls had on their roller blades - so obviously they could go a lot faster than me. "You go on ahead girls - I'll take the photo's. No, really, I will be fine, you go on ahead. Have fun!"

Now, I know it might look like I have stayed in the same place. I did walk around the whole lake - honest. The girls are just showing off cause they skated around four times. They are young.... and have healthy knees!!!!!!

Show offs.

I think that is about all the random for now.

Can you believe it is 2009?

Bring it on!

I had this funny feeling that there would be lots and lots af spelling and grammar mistakes in this post. Came back to check. I am so sorry Linds and Theressa and Alison. That must have been hard yakka making heads or tails of what I was saying. I have fixed it up a little. Left a few errors in there - like to be authentic an all ;)