Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pick a ball.... any ball

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews ( I mean conferences) are on...

Need I say more?

These are not the dropped balls - oh no! These are balls patiently waiting to get into the juggling act.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The juggler

I used to be a great juggler.

I prided myself on being able to keep lots and lots of tasks in motion at the same time. I rather considered myself a 'Super Proficient Multitasking Juggler'.

It's true!

But those were the days my friend.

may be beautiful and yet
What's too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget
and now
there's a shadow hanging over me
Oh, I believe in yesterday ....
Suddenly.... I'm not half the juggler I used to be
etc etc etc.

Shock, horror, sorrow and shame - I no longer have that Juggling extraordinariness.


Like a fool, however, I grab the tasks - throw them in the air (completely ignoring my loss of juggling powers) and simply wait for the juggle to come crashing down all around me.

I guess what I am trying to say is - I need to get used to the idea of prioritizing (big time). Struggling with juggling the competing tasks (that demand completion at the same time) is wiping me out.

Are you picturing my dilemma?

There you are with all these demanding tasks whizzing past your eyes. Suddenly you get the sense that you have thrown one too many items into the juggle and you are about to drop the lot. So, in a complete paralyzed state you have no choice but to watch them all come tumbling down.

I used to be a great juggler - those were the days my friend!

Please don't cry for me Argentina!

Remember, I said I used to be extraordinary.

pretty darn good is more than acceptable -


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brought to you by the letter R

Here we go.......

It's time for a little of my famous Random Ramblings..... I am possibly the only person who truly appreciates the workings of my mind - still - read on if you feel so inclined.

Right - ee - o, let's begin shall we?

On Sunday the girls and I went to Glenelg (a seaside-ee, tourist-ee, shopaholic-ee place) for a much needed, 'let's all try to get along for a couple of hours', kind of an outing. Before you say anything I already know I am a woman with high expectations.

The outing was filled to the brim with the letter 'R' .

R for rebellion. R for Rage. R for restoration. R for Retail riots. R for 'right out there'. R for Rain. R for revelation and R for self- righteousness.

What an interesting few hours it was. You need to know that I consider myself to be truly blessed - at times - hmmmm...

First off - Daughter is going through a rather rebellious phase at the moment. 'I'm telling you - I am SO over it'. Bless her heart - she feels a need to back chat, argue, ignore me, give me the 'evil' eye, share snippy sarcastic verbal bulletins and, on the whole, is showing about as much flair in her rebellion outbursts to put me into Rehab. The girl is being a right royal pain in the rump. There, I said it - and - what's more -mean it.

Unfortunately I let her 'moods' get to me. I raised my voice to her. I really raised my voice. I was so frustrated that I opened my mouth and let rip. I courted a rage. I am not proud.

We needed a day at Glenelg. We needed a little restoration/rehabilitation.

It was at this lovely little hip hop and happening place that another R came rushing in to bowl me over.

Please welcome - Retail rioting.

I am walking down the street. I am minding my own business. It's true, thank you very much.

I enter a bookstore and I find this really good maths book. The price is very good. A real bargain. I decide I can well afford this great resource and so take myself off to the counter to pay. Welcome to retail rioting at its best.

The young 'barely out of nappies' sales assistant scans the book and after looking at the computer declares that the book is $9.90. I give her my card and she commences the transaction. Then the little upstart notices the sticker on the back of the book shows a price of $11.40. Little miss 'I don't know if I am Martha or Arthur' says, ' oh no, I mean its actually $11.40'(what do I do?). I suggest to her, ever so nicely - honest - that surely if the computer says it is a certain price then that is the price you sell it for. Baby face looks confused and so decides she had better ask the other, slightly, but not much, older sales girl for advice. The other girl also looks confused and eventually declares (with a wobbly voice of conviction) that they'll go with the $11.40 price. I think not!

After a little bit of back and forth (healthy) discussion about consumer law and practices the older girl suggests a little phone call to the boss may help resolve the issue. 'Go ahead,' I say, 'Phone him!'

Poor little mite - the look on her face was priceless.

She rings and (in front of me) proceeds to wave a flag in front of me by using words like ' she reckons' and 'SHE says it's consumer law, ha!'. The girl clearly has a death wish. That, or she hasn't picked up the clues that I am in no mood to go to battle with a young upstart without the intent of winning.

The girl's apparent confidence is growing by the mili-second. Fool.

I no longer cared about anything other than walking out of that store with the book for $9.90

I mean to say, please.

I told the girl that initially I was prepared to pay $11.40 - in fact I even told her I thought it was a very good price. The computer says $9.90. You initially asked for $9.90. I am wanting this book for $9.90. Not $11.40.

The girls argument was that the barcode on the book matched the barcode on the computer so therefore the book must be the price on the book. fantastic logic!

I argued that the barcode on the book also matched the barcode on the computer - so far we agree - right? Right! However, the matched barcode also says (on the computer) that the price of the book is $9.90.

The girl hangs up the phone and says I can have the book for $9.90 - this time - 'but'............... No buts about it........... Retail rioting - bring it on!!!!!

By now I desperately needed a coffee so off we went in search for a restaurant/ cafe. It was during this recovery time that the next R came a visiting.

But.... It is late and I have some school stuff to deal with. I will post tomorrow.

I can't promise it will get any better. My own behaviour probably continues to go on a bit of a downward spiral...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

one year bloggaversary

Thank you all for dropping into my one year bloggaversary.

And what a year it has been.

Many changes.

For example - I know most of you are privy to the fact that I needed to lose a few kilo's.

Well here is an update.

From this....
to this....

How much younger do I look?

Confession number 1 - I do tend to exaggerate a little. The truth is I have dyed my hair a little (just to cover the odd white stray you understand!)

So, I was flicking through my past posts - as you do when you are having an anniversary. Anyhow, I was having a little scroll down memory lane and something jumped out at me.

I had to laugh.

You see as it turns out I did some of my best posts when not one single person came to visit (or if they did they tiptoed out without leaving a comment) can you believe that? What a waste! I mean to say - and I do not intend to blow my horn too excessively - but - sometimes I am right on the money with my wit and ramblings. Sadly though at other times I rather regret posting at all - hmmm!

These were the times when the visitors arrived (of course).

You know how it goes .......... right?

Usually your house is in a 'reasonable' state - things are more often than not ready to receive guests.

Post after post you sit in your spic and span home with only the air freshener appreciating your cleanliness

and then

quite predictably

the day you don't make your bed, or you leave some dishes on the sink, or

heaven forbid you leave the cat litter in the laundry and it's smelling the place out

you get visitors!

So, there you are having a 'slump' when some intelligent or classy or well groomed or articulate or interesting or witty or spiritual or grammatically correct (you can tell why that would freak me out a little) or worse still, someone with several of these attributes comes a visiting and .....

What can you do?

You can only apologise or you can try making some lame excuse about being tired, or unwell, or momentarily mad or (if you are quick enough) suggest you are part of an experiment on the effects 'slumming it' has on the usually witty, articulate and profound self.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that I was ready to have a great big celebration today and then

the day took a turn towards the cat litter.

I really don't think it is appropriate to celebrate one whole year of blogging with a cat litter moment - do you?

I was tempted to try for another rain check.

Clean up the house a little ..........


Oh what the heck.

Confession number 2 - I tend to ramble and rave about random stuff (often).

Come on - let's dance....

No excuses..... none!

Grab the meds if needed -

dance sitting down if you have to


please excuse the mess and

let's dance ladies - (Linds, that's you wearing the green hat - futuristic!!!!)

Confession number 3 - that was not really me in the photo earlier (the one on the beach that is).

Phew! I'm all done - completely and utterly spent. Let's put the kettle on have a coffee and perhaps a bit of chocolate cake that Crystal so kindly offered to bring.

One year blogging!!!

What a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya ladies - you are my saving grace.

Friday, March 13, 2009

What a slacker.....

Please excuse my boringness. What a slacker I turned out to be (go easy now). I have no excuses. Ok, there are a few but I am fairly confident that they will not hold up to any form of scrutiny. I am desperately holding onto jet lag. That's my pathetic excuse for not blogging for awhile (ages actually). I am suffering from jet lag. How pathetic is that? A four hour flight with only a 1 and a half hour time shift and I am out for the count for the rest of the week.

Mum is - well - mum is - hmmm! Start again. Mum is not well. Mum is not doing well emotionally or mentally or physically (in that order). Thank you for those who prayed for her. The story is long and difficult and rather painful - so I will not reveal anything on this blog. Please (on my behalf) just pray for my mum and my sister who desperately needs a break.

On a brighter note.

Guess what?

My One year blogging anniversary is coming up.

It's going to be huge! Massive!! Extraordinary!!!!!

I plan to randomly ramble on for..... well put it this way - you may need to get the coffee urn filled, grab a sleeping bag and bunker on down.

And as a warm up ... let's do a jig shall we?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I will have to do that big catch up post tomorrow. I have a LOT of books to mark tonight.

My brother rang tonight. We had a great talk.

I immediately got on the internet and booked 3 flights to Perth this weekend.

This is insane but I got the three of us to Perth and back for $151. INSANE. Normal fare for one person is $800.

The deal was you only pay the taxes - the seats are free - honest!!!!!!!

So, we leave at some ungodly hour on Friday night and arrive in Perth at 6am. We leave Perth at 01.45 on Tuesday morning and get into Adelaide at 6am - then its run like the dickens to work. It is a 4 hour flight with a 1 and half hour time difference. The family then live 200kms from airport.

Don't get me wrong - me not complaining. I feel young . I'm going to grab a red eye and have some fun.

I'll catch you up on other things a little later.

Take care my lovelies.

A quick (embarrassingly so) note

Hi guys.

A very quick note to let you know that I am fine - ish. Mum is out of hospital. My brother never rang. I am working like a Trojan.

I will be sitting down and writing a good old post after work tonight.

You come back now!