Tuesday, January 7, 2014

House for sale

I am a renter.

I would prefer not to be a renter.... But, that's life...and I am. Always have been.....

Probably always will be.


My landlord has decided to sell. This means that I am expected to have the house  spiffy. This means that I have to get out of holiday mode and into 'oh my goodness me, I think I should scrub the house from top to bottom while it's 38 degrees' mode. Anything to help landlord get a sale;) The thing is,  I am not really sure how looking through my dresser will clinch the deal for the buyer.  Excuse me but that is MY personal stuff :(

Europe news

Places I am definitely visiting in England are:
London - Buckingham palace ( I'm sure the minute dear Liz sees me hanging out the front she'll cooee me in for a cup of tea).
Bath - strip down and have he a nice soak in the tub.
Blackpool lights
Chester zoo
Across the Mersey
Birkenhead - arrowe  park
The lakes district.

And the weight?
Pleases me to say adios to another 1 kg.

That's 2 down, 23 to go :)

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Rosaria Williams said...

Welcome back! Good to see you're planning trips, and...
If your plans guide you this way, let me know how I can help. The Far West Coast, Oregon, USA is one of the prettiest natural wonders. So, I do hope you consider a trip this way. Mi casa e' tu casa.