Saturday, January 9, 2010

Long time - no post

I have some good news and some bad news.

First for the good news - Drum roll please......

Apparently - I am not - I repeat - am NOT going through the beastly 'menopause'.

(pause - allow time for the hip, hip hoorays)

And so - without further ado - I will launch straight into the bad news.........

If it wasn't menopause - then - boy, oh boy these past few months have been one hell of a good dress rehearsal.

It would appear that I have been part of a hormonal awakening.

You see, about 20 years ago, at a tender age of 32, it was necessary for me to have a hysterectomy. They left one badly damaged ovary (some small compensation. Year after year I had blood tests that came back with a diagnosis of Peri - menopausal. So, one just assumes that eventually you will actually reach the stage of being menopausal - right?

Nope. Not the case at all. I am up and riddled in hormones.

Rather than feeling relieved that I was not menopausal I was (and still am) rather peeved actually. I mean to say, honest to Betsy, the way I have been behaving fits quite nicely into some sort of menopausal madness. People have been excused of all sorts of random and hysterical behaviors under the banner of menopause.

Poor me - it would appear that all I can use in my defense is a large case of the 'dramatics'. That and boredom. And empty-ish nest carry on. Perhaps I could use, at a pinch, abundance of creativity?

Let me see now - What else has been going on in my 'non - menopausal' world?

1.Put on 13 kilos (post my fantabuloso effort of losing 16 kilos).

2. Challenged myself to a 30 day eating healthy program and lasted well over 12 hours (by the way, please hold your applause till all my bragging is done - ta).

3. The cranky knee has been doing alright lately P.T.L

4. My son decided to go to Canada to work. When he left (without the necessary amount of money) (I need to clarify that - without the necessary amount of HIS money)he was unsure for how long he would be away. He had a job lined up - cleaning Jacuzzis in some resort. Didn't work out. Became homeless for a minute or two. Landed on his feet. Hates the fact he uses all his 'talent' to work for a poultry $9 an hour (in Australia he would be paid $23 an hour). Feels cheated that he does not have enough time or money to hit those ski slopes as often as he thinks he should. Bless him. I really hope he learns what he needs to learn about life and himself and his walk before he actually spends all my hard earned money.

5. First born daughter has a boyfriend. They are talking serious. I am doing a Steve Martin.

6. Last born daughter got her drivers license. Has a bomb of a car. Enjoys the new found independence.

7.I am fairly confident that I have a teaching position for 2010. I am waiting on a phone call - but it looks promising. The class has a high intake of New Australians - predominantly from Sudan.

8. After enduring 3 months of house inspections (up to 3 a week) - we now have to find a new home as the owners decided (after assuring us they wanted us to stay as tenants) that they need the property for some family members who are in need. The rental market is low at moment. We went to look at one today - and all I can say is - pink is definitely NOT my colour ;) We did see one we liked and have put an application in. So, we will see. At this stage I am not panicking (curious, but true).

9. Next week it should have been be my 25th wedding anniversary. I need to come clean to those who may not actually have cottoned on to the fact that I am separated. My marriage ended nearly 4 years ago. I am needing final closure. When I was stomping through my 'non - menopausal' period, I seriously considered making my anniversary date my divorce application date. Always the need for dramatics - sigh!

10.It is Very, Very, Very HOT (41 plus)and I am very, very, very over it. It has been 3 days now, lol.

What else? Oh yes.

11. I finished the quilt. Now before you say,'well done! or bestow upon me congratulatory praises - I need to fess up to my shocking cheating methods.


I am extremely proud of, and somewhat in awe of, two of my corners. I didn't cry once. And do you know what? I can live with my pathetic-ness. I really can. (If I get any requests I will post a picture).

well, chow for now.


Kym-Anne said...

Hiya Mary,

So happy your back :)

Sorry to hear about your non menapausal situation, hormones can be our worst enemy.
Have the doctors suggested some natural remedies for fluctuating hormones?

You have to post a phot of your quilt!
Don't worry because 99% of the time I usethesewingmachinetofinish my quilts too!
If I didn't they'd never get done.

Happy days Mary's back!!

Linds said...

Hey, I usethesewingmachinetofinishmyquilts too. And it really is wonderful to see you posting again. About time too. So bring on the photos, please!
The hormone thing must be a nightmare for you, but look at it this way, in that appalling heat, hot flushes are not what you need!

Yipee! (Doing a hobbling dance here ) I am SO glad you are BACK!

lakeviewer said...

Hey, I missed you! You have been one of my first friends in blogland. Now, that's important to me. First friends know you best!

Gee, you've had some crazy six months or so.
Let me catch you up:
-the seasons have changed
-the Americans have a new president
-the economy collapsed

Not enough?
We all got older, grayer, fatter and dumpier.
How is that?

You didn't miss much.
Have they got you on some meds? or is this on your own?

Aussie Therese said...

so glad to see you posting again.

I thought every one sewed quilts with machines. I detest hand sewing so much that I would rather make a whole new outfit than repair one.

So sorry to hear about your marriage. Prayers for you.

Mary333 said...

I feel for you. My hormones are all over the place. I haven't started menopause yet but early menopause runs in my family. My cycles are all messed up and I have all kinds of strange symptoms. I guess it's peri-menopause for me, too.

Crystal said...

I'm glad you came back to posting too! I love your postive outlook and your great sense of humour. I hope the job works out - are you an ESL teacher? I had no idea that there was a large Sudanese population in your community. I hope the health issues work themselves out - quickly!! And hand sewing is not my forte' either but I'm entering Quilting Land next week. Wish me luck!!

Working in another country is always a reality check for kids!! Our daughter went to Germany after 1.5 years of university - and came home within 3 months. Lack of cash + high expectations from the employer + another culture + high living costs = a whole new appreciation for home!! Is he going to stay for while - will you get to come for a visit????