Sunday, January 10, 2010

Being Ok with less than perfect.

Once upon a time, quite some time ago, a wanna - be -quilter began a new adventure

I chose the colours with what can only be described as manic zeal.

and then rested.
Saint Linds prompted, prodded, tutored and threatened me until I had actually sewn the strips together.

 and that was as far as I got!

Just last week, as I was going through my 'stuff', I stumble upon my masterpiece.
What to do?
In the driveway was a trailer ready to take my unwanted 'stuff' to the rubbish tip.

Thinking I had Buckleys chance of actually finishing it - and considering the fact that I hadn't blogged for 6 months (and nobody would know) onto the 'out 'pile it went.

Guilt and a sense of unfinished business set in.
There was a lesson in this for me.
So, off to my friend Roses' place me and my unfinished quilt went.

It is timely for me to inform you that Rose has on her resumes, 'seamstress'. True to say that there have been many a time when Rose has rescued me (taken over) as I have remained tight lipped and allowed people to believe that I could actually sew.

Hold on!
That is not the exact truth. I suspect I can sew. But I don't get any joy from it and ultimately go for the give - in (sabotage) approach.
I really want to enjoy it.
I feel I should enjoy it.
But alas -
I don't!!!!!!

So, I am at Rose's place when she seeks reassurance that it is me not her about to sew. I assure her I am. My plan is to rip through it on the machine. What will be, will be. I am going to be ok with the outcome.

My plan is to embrace the obvious.
Embrace the faults in my quilt (add a few more even) and celebrate completion in spite of perfection.

And so - another drum roll please...........

The imperfect quilt.

and I am ok with that!

What next? - let me see!

 I just might try crocheting - only kidding Linds ;)


Kym-Anne said...

Well I love your quilt, it's cute and I'm glad you didn't chuck it out!

Your first attempt at quilting was better than mine!

Has it cooled down any out your way yet?

It was still 32 degrees at 2am over here!!!!

That's it I'm immigrating to Tasmania :)

Mary said...

Thanks Kym - you are way too kind.

It is still hot here. 9pm and it is still 39 degrees C. Just turned the air con off to give it a rest - big mistake. Back on it goes ;)Mind you it is only slightly cooling a small part of the lounge - just as well the couch and T.V are in that spot.

Aussie Therese said...

so glad you didn't throw it out too.

Living with less than perfect was a hard thing for me to overcome with sewing too.

Linds said...

Nothing I make is absolutely perfect, and I LOVE the quilt. Saint Linds would have grown horns and a tail if she had found out you had tossed that masterpiece out.

And on another note, for some reason, YOU ARE SHOWING ON MY DASHBOARD after mysteriously vanishing for ages!!! It is obviously a sign. Hallelujah!

PS - try the crocheting!

Mary333 said...

Your imperfect quilt is perfectly lovely :) I keep seeing the name Mary on other blogs so I popped over to see yours.

Aliadelaide said...

Great to see you are blogging again Mary!Crochet why not! See you at the pool soon. And your brilliantly happy quilt, I think Mary333 said it best, perfectly lovely.

Kym-Anne said...

Hi Mary,

Because I love your blog and I think your way cool :)
I have nominated you for a lemonade stand award.

When you get a chance pop over to my blog and pick up your award.

Have a great day!