Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Destination - Europe

January 1st 2014..

Hello. I'm back.

Filling in the missing years from this blog.... near on impossible! Mountain way too high....rivers way too deep etc etc etc...

1. My memory aint as good as it used to be.
2.Some things are best left in the past.

But probably most importantly -

3.This year is going to be all about 2014........The new me. The refreshed me. The unstoppable - I am going to Europe in September me.

First things first..
I am just going to put this out there.. no hesitation.. well not much :) It's a confession  - followed by a resolution proposal.

Confession -
I managed to put on so much weight last year that I am now the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life (including pregnancies).

Resolution proposal -
My aim is to lose 25 kilo's. You heard correctly - 25 massive kilos before I set foot on the plane to Europe.

What's my plan?
1. Eat less junk
2. Eat more healthy options
3. Get out the old bike, pump up the tyres, shoot up a quick  prayer and pedal off a few kilo's.

When I hit Europe I want to experience it to the max. I want to truly experience every inch of it without ringing up my insurance company beforehand to check that my premiums are up to date. I need to be healthy - or as healthy as this cranky 55 year old arthritic body can get. I plan to have a ball.

I started 3 days ago and am super excited to share that 1 nasty unwanted kilo has already gone.

24 to go.... I am pumped. I am motivated. I am hungry for a belly full of sugar.... STOP. note to self...

Dear Mary (my love),
Keep your eye on the prize. You are actually going to Europe. Tickets booked and paid for. You need ( my lovely) to lose some of this weight. You want to be healthy enough to enjoy this experience to the max. Get a grip NOW and have a piece of fruit.
love always

There... I'm back.

Just before I leave I just want to bring this blog up to date in regards to my family.. I am a granny. BEST gig ever

Till later... be good to yourself.

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