Saturday, January 16, 2010

Embracing all kinds of things

A word that won't leave me is....
So, I am going to embrace that word as the word to see me through this year.

I have recently embraced approx 17,000 bees that decided to make the rosebush, outside my bedroom window, their new home.

"Mum, there are some bees outside."
"MUM, there are quite a few bees outside!!!"
"What part of 'whatever' are you having trouble with?"
"The part that suggests there are LOTS and LOTS of bees outside!!!!!!!"
So, I went and had a look and this is what I found.

Take a closer look

After I both freaked out and apologized to Ellisha for my flippant response I decided to have a go at embracing the situation. Having never had to deal with such a thing before it took a little while to get the embracing part organized. Problem is, the council is flat out just killing them (problem solved as far as they are concerned) oblivious to the fact that the loss of our good bees is having a negative impact on our agriculture. I Googled and Googled and Googled, eventually stumbling on a phone number. Helga answered and after I explained to her the approx size of the nest, she says, 'I vill be there in vorty minutes. Dey must go. I vill be there in vorty minutes".

Helga was very impressive.
She assured me that she had collected about 16,000 along with Queenie. The remaining 1000 or so would fly away within the hour (fly away and die).
And they did!
Helga will quarantine the bees for 6 months - if there is no disease she will put them to work. If diseased the department of agriculture will destroy them.

Another thing I have embraced lately is  - bush fires.

South Australia and Victoria were on extreme bush fire alert last week. The temperatures were ridiculous. The land is dry and the trees are ready to burn.

I received a phone call putting me on standby (I am on the emergency relief team for the Salvos).
I had no sooner uttered the words, "I am bored" when the phone rang.
"Are you free? Pack an overnight bag, We are responding to a fire in the hills.Be at the warehouse in 20 min."
This was my very first call out. The fire had been burning for about 5 hours and the firefighters needed feeding and looking after.
That's my job -  to feed em.
Stopped feeding at 2am. Fire contained. Stood down.
And as I am embracing reality - I have even got a picture to share.

I am flat out embracing packing the house ready for the move. I am also trying really hard to embrace the uncertainty of work.  3 days before teachers go back and I have not had the phone call yet. I am tempted to feel all jittery and nervous. I choose not to embrace the negative. I am being looked after. I am in His care. He knows my needs. I am grateful for all I have.

After going to the doctors, I have been told (in no uncertain terms) that I need to embrace a low fat diet STAT! I have 22 kilos to lose (again - sigh).

Oh yes, and a bit of an update with the hormones. I am typically (for me) atypical in my pursuit of menopause. Out of the three major hormones they measure. I am peri in one. All finished and dusted on another. And flying high with the third. So, doc said I can pick and choose which status I would like to be.

I would like to thank Kym from Nanna's cottage for the Lemonade stand award. I would like to pass it on to any of my friends who would like this beautiful award. "It is to be awarded to bloggers that show great attitude and gratitude."

Well, must go. Lots to do.


Edith said...

Nice post...Thanks for sharing your word. How do you come up with the word of the year? I'm liking this idea...especially as I'm dealing with Mom's hospitalization and being far away.

Ok...time to run and get something done on my day.


Aussie Therese said...

those bees would have freaked me out totally.

Kym-Anne said...

Argh! bees, thank goodness for Helga. I've never seen that many bees, I would have totally freaked out!!!!

It must have felt so good to feed the fire fighters, they do an awesome job.

Judith said...

Hello old friend so far away. Glad I checked your blog. How like you, to help the fire fighters. Your "Embracing all kinds of things" is a big encouragement to me.

I am praying your phone call from school comes soon. When the waiting is scary, hang on to your courage. I know you have some 'cause you just showed it with those bees.

Butterfly Mama said...

Embrace...I like it! I also, love your perspective and just how much you do. Thanks for taking us along.


Linds said...

Well, you are certainly getting to grips with the embracing bit. This is promising to be an intersting year!
Helga was a star. I would have battened down the hatches. Well done, Mary!
You, my dear, look great in the photo. Doctors can be single minded at times. But I am joining you on the weight loss bit. There is a limit to cuddly. I just passed that.

Margaret Cloud said...

Congratulation on your award. That was a big bee's nest, glad you got rid of it. Hope the fires die down, hope you don't have to move. Your word embrace is a good one, just like you embraced the job of feeding the fire fighters. Good luck on the fires.

Butterfly Mama said...

I've given you an award! Hope all is well,