Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little backsliding in the embracing

Hi guys

I am still attempting to embrace.

I'm going to be honest, my embracing has lost a little bit of shine - and - if you look real close you can probably see a bit of a frown (just keeping it real ;)
when I put my little miseries, challenges, frustration or disappointments up alongside some real suffering  I realise that the best thing for me to do is get out of my little self absorbed pity party and get back to embracing the bounty of gifts - with passion.


Just before I do

can I just have a little, teeny weeny whinge?

Moved house (usual hard work) landed in a place that has neighbours from hell. Ok, that might be a bit harsh - but they have been  - hmmm - difficult. Two young (theatrical) lads who like to park themselves in the backyard (spitting distance from my bedroom window) and debrief, in what only can be described as - a LOUD fashion. They start at about 11.30pm and go inside sometime after 2am. EVERY NIGHT. Part of their nightly routine is training little puppy dog ' Ollie". "Well done baby. Do toilet for daddy. Good boy!!!!" (about 30 min worth of doggy praise).

Thanks guys - thanks for allowing me a little mo -

Off to bed to count my blessings.


lakeviewer said...

Hi Mary. I thought I'd stop by and see what folks are doing in summer time. Ah! See? We're just a click away.

Crystal said...

Having that outside my bedroom window would be MOST aggravating - you are allowed the complaint! So - did you get a teaching job? I'm thinking yes because you mentioned you are going to get resources (cha-ching!)? Please share!

Aliadelaide said...

These last two posts tell me we need to do some serious coffee chatting soon. Helga sounds amazing....and the bees terrifying.A house being demolished on the corner of our street today(lovely lovely dust) just doesn't match up!